July 1, 2011

Day In The Life

Kelly's Korner inspired me to day a day in the life post since she’s been doing them all week on her blog.  Things change so quickly in our lives, and I’d like to be able to look back to remember what my life is like right now. 

This week was a little different than others because Josh was on his first business trip since Taylor’s been born, so I am single mom’ing it.   My FIL is staying with us right now, so I wasn’t really totally on my own.  He is such a help around the house.  We are really lucky to have him staying with us!  When I come home with Taylor, the second I open the garage door, he comes out to help me unload the car.  What service!  He gets Taylor out of her car seat and brings her inside for me.  Also, when I get done with work for the day, I’ll open the fridge to see what we have for dinner, and the fridge has been totally stocked!  Yes, he even goes grocery shopping for us! 

Okay, back to my day…

My day started out a little earlier than I’d like (6 am) when Taylor woke up.  I can’t complain though; Taylor slept ALL night.  She woke up happy and ready to eat!  I nursed her in bed and then put her in her swing while I got ready.  She loves hanging out in the swing in the morning.  Once I was ready, I got her dressed and ready for school.  (yes, I said it – SCHOOL!)  I sent Daddy this picture, so he could see her sweet smile.


After I dropped her off, I came back to the house to work for a couple hours.  At 11, I left to meet a partner of mine for lunch at Seasons 52.  4After lunch, I had about 30 minutes to kill before I had to be at my next meeting and I was right next to Old Navy, so I did what anyone would do, right?  I shopped!  I had the Old Navy Groupon burning a hole in my pocket, so I cashed it in for a couple new tops for myself and a new pair of shorts for Josh.  (Aren’t I nice to think of him too while I shop?)

ON tank ON shorts ON sweater  

I then headed to across town to my next appointment at an Internal Medicine & Pediatric group.  I met with them for about 2.5 hrs., and then I headed back home to pick up my girl!  After I picked up Taylor, Josh called and we caught up on our day.  When I got home, I found my FIL mowing the lawn.  What a big help he is!  That’s one less thing we need to do this weekend now.

I changed Taylor’s clothes, packed the diaper bag and then we headed over to my parent’s house for dinner.  Mom made pork chops and au gratin potatoes for dinner.  My Grandparents came by after dinner (they live next door to my parents) and we all sat around and played with Taylor.  I fed Taylor there and then changed her into her PJs so she’d be ready for bed when we got home. 

4 generations-2 

Tay went down around 9:30 and then I visited with my FIL downstairs as I enjoyed my well deserved glass of wine of the day!  During this time, I also cleaned her bottles from the day and made 4 new ones for tomorrow at daycare.   I talked to Josh one more time and then headed to bed.  I was so tired, I didn’t even rearrange my pillows before falling asleep – my head hit the pillow and I was out!



  1. Taylor is so very precious! So happy for you and your family. I know she is so special to you...

  2. Do tell your secret to Taylor sleeping ALL night! Our sweet Lleyton is 9 weeks and still sleeping only 3 hours at a time between feedings.

    So happy all is well :)check. Its exhausting, I know ;)

    Big hugs

  3. I still cannot get over Tay sleeping through the night!! That's amazing & you are so lucky!! Cam was still up every 2-4 hours at 2 months old.

    Your FIL is smitten with Taylor, it is so cute to see!! So awesome that he's such a hands-on Grandpa & such a help around the house!


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