April 24, 2011

You Know You’re 9 Months Pregnant When…

- You’re out of breath from just sitting still

- Even your shoes are getting tight

- You lose all ability to concentrate on anything non-baby

- Your belly stretches further than you could ever imagine

- You start to outgrow maternity clothes

- You find out bras come in size “E”

  - You begin to wonder if your body will ever go back to the way it was before

  - Commercials and movie trailers make your cry

  - Your favorite place to hang out is in the baby’s room looking at his/her clothes

- It feels like there is an 8 pound baby’s head resting on your bladder.  (Oh, wait that’s TRUE!)


- There is no such thing as a “comfortable chair”

- The meaning of lingerie is now maternity bras

- You get up 4 to 5 times at night to use the bathroom

- Your husband’s size large T-shirts actually fit


Just making a little fun out of being 9 months pregnant.  While all of this is true, I wouldn’t trade it for the world!  I’m so thankful to be experiencing this part of pregnancy and realize that each day is a gift from God.


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  1. Hope you and your family had a great Easter! I can't wait for you to post pictures of Taylor :)


  2. Haha, CUTE post Lauren! I keep thinking about you and have been checking on you!

    Happy 9 months and I hope you had a beautiful Easter/holiday weekend! xox


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    Our journey to becoming parents has had its share of happiness and heartbreaks. I got through every day by staying close to Josh, friends and family, blogging, and relying on God that my future will be bright. All the love and support I’ve gotten has greatly helped me manage……I am alive and well, and want to be my absolute best as a result of this.

    On May 1st 2011, we welcomed our sweet baby girl, Taylor, into this world. She is our miracle baby and brings so much joy and happiness in our lives. She is such a gift from God.

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