April 25, 2011

37 Week Update

How many weeks?  I am 37 weeks pregnant!  That’s FULL TERM!  Taylor is approximately 7.5 pounds, according to my last ultrasound.  Her body is measuring 2 full weeks ahead!

37.2 This dress is so comfortable.  I got it at Forever 21 (it’s not maternity) for $15.  I love it when I find things that I can wear pregnant, that will also fit me after I have the baby.

How am I feeling?   I’m feeling very pregnant these days.  I’ve been feeling a lot of contractions lately and am exhausted.

Doctor’s Appointment? Last Friday, while out at the movies with Josh, I started having contractions consistently every 3-5 minutes.  I started logging them on my phone and after an hour I called my doctor.  They advised me to go to the hospital to get checked out.  The OB nurse confirmed that I was experiencing true contractions, but I was still not dilating more, so it wasn’t enough to admit me and to consider me in active labor.  After a few hours at the hospital, we returned home to get some rest.  The next day the consistent contractions subsided, but I am still having them randomly. 

Weight Gain? 21 pounds.  (lost a pound from last week somehow)peaches

My favorite snack these days is peaches and Greek Vanilla yogurt.  Mmmm… I could go for some right now just thinking about it!  My favorite snacks changes every couple of weeks because I eat it so often, I end up getting sick of it. This is a great one though; you should try it!                        


Baby Preparation? We are packed and ready!  Just waiting on Taylor!

Thank you for all your advice on my stroller issue.  After careful consideration, we decided to return the Graco Signature and get the Zooper Bolero


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  1. Yahoo! Full term mama! I just knew you'd make it! Yum on the yogurt and peaches. I can't wait to try out foods I love now , just hope when I'm prego in the next few months I will still like it.
    Congrats, Taylor is coming up the bend...I having a feeling i'm gonna be seeing her over the web very soon. :)

  2. You'll LOVE the Zooper! We had a double Zoop for our twins and now have a Bolero for our singleton! :O)

    Not too much longer and your sweet pea will be here!

  3. You look amazing and I am thrilled for you! It's such a great milestone to reach full term.

  4. So close and still so cute! You look great and I've been checking in every day! I'm so excited for you that you've reached such a wonderful milestone! P.S. Loved yesterday's post too! :)

  5. Love my Zooper. Got it 6 years ago for my first baby and am still using it for my 3rd (who is almost 2). You look great. I will never forget the anticipation of being 37 weeks pregnant! What an amazing time.

  6. You look beautiful! (I LOVE the dress). I can't wait to see Taylors little face! :)

  7. WOO-HOO full term she's going to be here before you know it. I still have 35 weeks ((haha)) I am still waiting for my first ultrasound appt...Im so glad that you are SO CLOSE your so beautiful Lauren!! Can't wait to see little Miss Tay : )

  8. Yeah to full term! You look so amazing! Cannot wait to see pics of that sweet girl! Girls are the best! :)

  9. Any day now! I was an OB nurse, and when mom's came in with "false" labor, they were always back with the real thing in a few days. Also losing weight is a sign it's very close:)

  10. yippee...full term! Can't wait to hear her birth story and see the pictures!

  11. YAY for 37 weeks and the dress is beautiful! :)

  12. cannot wait to see baby pics!! we have been praying for you for months and months!


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