April 20, 2011

36 Week Update

How many weeks?  I am officially 9 months pregnant!  Can you believe it?!?  I can’t get over that the end is so close.


Looking back, I remember when I used to think that I was totally showing here at 20 weeks… 20.2Ha!  This was nothing compared to me now!

How am I feeling?   I’m feeling very pregnant these days.  Still really nothing to complain about; just those normal last month aches and pains.

Doctor’s Appointment? I learned at my last OB checkup that I am 70% effaced and 1 cm dilated!  Woohoo! My doctor also says that Taylor has dropped some too.  It’s so great to be excited about labor signs, now that it is the right time!  Today, we had my last and final ultrasound and Taylor is still measuring 2 weeks ahead and is approximately 7.1 pounds.  She’s going to be one chunky monkey!

Weight Gain? 22 pounds.  (thanks Easter candy!)

Baby Preparation? I am keeping busy in the evenings nesting.  Prepping the nursery, cleaning out closets, and even organizing the spice cabinet!  Nesting is fun!

The nursery is complete now that the rocking chair has arrived.  All we need now is the baby!IMG_2384 (1)



  1. Congrats on hitting the 9 month mark! You are absolutely stunning! The nursery looks perfect, yay!

  2. Lauren, I *SMILED* when I saw that your blog was the 2nd in my feed. You were and are stunning through your whole pregnancy. You are definietly all baby. And I am SO SO happy you have made it to 9 months. Thats amazing Lauren.

    The nursery is BEAUTUFIL. And sure enough there will be pictures so very soon with you rocking sweet baby Taylor !

    Ah! So excited for you Lauren! BEAUTIFUl. And what a difference in the weeks from those two pictures!

  3. Taylor is one lucky girl! Her nursery is beautiful and so are you!!

  4. What a milestone! Smiling ear to ear!

  5. you're gorgeous!! (also, is it weird that i'd like to move in to taylor's room?) ;) can't wait to hear more!

  6. Can't recall if I asked you this already or not, but can you email me the paint brand and color you used? I LOVE it. Thanks!

    Dawn (dfrautschy@gmail.com)

  7. You look absolutely amazing, and I adore the nursery! Wonderful work :)

  8. you are So stylish at 9 months pregnant!!

    i am so happy for you. beaming with excitment! and i'm happy to say that your gift is on my counter ready to be mailed. now i just need to get to the post office! think i can do it before taylor arrives? ha!

  9. Wow! You at the finish line and looking like its day one...except for the bundle in the womb that is. I'm so happy for you and glad that thus far things have been a success! Yahoo Taylor! Now all we need is you to come out safely and give mama here a tear of happiness and udder joy beyond her knowing.

    Congrats....now on to labor & delivery

  10. The nursery is just gorgeous! You look fabulous & it has been so wonderful watching you grow. Blessings to each of you!!

  11. I'm so happy that your pregnancy has gone so well. Yeah for 36 weeks...AMAZING!!! I'll be praying for a safe and healthy delivery:)

  12. Can't wait to see Taylor "in person".

    And I'm not sure I said it before, but I LOVE the "green bean birds" on the nursery wall!

  13. You are definitely a gorgeous mother!! I pray that everything continues to go well! So excited for you!! Congratulations on 9 months! :)

  14. I am so excited for you! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I understand your emotions. Though a different situation, I gave birth to a gorgeous silent angel almost 6 years ago at 34 weeks pregnant(there were issues starting at about 27 weeks). So when I got pregnant with my June 2010 baby, I had soooo many stresses as to what ifs. Especially since my issues did not begin until further and the doctors expected I would give birth to a sick baby, not a still born. I understand that you never know what to expect until your baby is out, breathing, and given a clean bill or health. Most people see the positive pregnancy test and start planning for the baby to come, I saw the positive test and wasnt sure, I wasnt sure until I had him in my arms. I had to do ultrasounds every two weeks from 7 weeks gestation until 36 weeks and then was induced at 38 weeks. He is a healthy happy, gorgeous, funny addition to our family!!

  15. You're looking so pretty in all your prego pics. Even with a limited wardrobe, you're still so stylish. =) I'm so glad that Taylor will be here before we all know it!

  16. WOO-HOO 9 months and your gorgeous mama!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the nursery its so comfy and cozy looking. Not too much further to go!
    Can't wait to see her

  17. You are pretty much the cutest pregnant person, ever! You literally glow. I just got caught up with your pregnancy story [I have not had internet for almost a year] and I am SO excited for you and Josh! The room is beautiful and I cannot wait to see pictures of Taylor in it!

  18. Hi, I love the paint colors. Whats the name of the gray color please and where from?



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