April 7, 2011

34 week update!

How many weeks?  I am now 34.5 weeks!  It is a miracle, and everyday is a blessing to be this far along with my perfect, healthy baby girl!  I am amazed and so, so glad that I am still pregnant and going strong!


How am I feeling?   I am still feeling a-ok!  Lately, I’ve been feeling more general discomfort.  I can’t seem to stay in one position for long.  It’s either my back, or my shortness of breath, or something that causes me to constantly reposition myself.  My sleep has been getting worse; its quite a production when I get up to use the bathroom, so that’s getting pretty exhausting.  I have been waking up feeling more and more tired.

I get weekly updates sent to me from Baby Center, and this week’s update, I was thrilled to read, “If you've been nervous about preterm labor, you'll be happy to know that babies born between 34 and 37 weeks who have no other health problems generally do fine.”  Wow, really?  Have I made it past the preemie phase??  It is just unreal to think Taylor is the size of a small full-term baby right now!

Doctor’s Appointment? Next week I go for a standard OB check up.

Weight Gain? 21 pounds and growing by the day!  (I’d like to say that I have no problem gaining a total of 30 pounds when all is said and done, but that would be a lie…)

Even though I haven't had much of an appetite for the past few weeks, I am still gaining weight like I should be.  Taylor’s feet or knees are up in my stomach, and that has caused me to lose my appetite.  I can only eat a little bit at a time, so I try to eat more frequently. 

The Ben & Jerry’s is helping too :)


Baby Preparation?  The full-on nesting has begun!  With the baby shower behind us, we have everything we ever needed.  I am now busy washing everything and organizing where we’ll keep all her things.  I am still amazed at all the stuff we have for Taylor!  She isn’t even born yet and I’ve done 4 full loads of laundry!


Baby laundry may not sound like a very big deal to you, but it was for me.  This was the first time that I’ve ever done a load of baby laundry and it was pretty weird.  It gave me a little anxiety actually; there is no going back now!   Taylor really better be on her way!



  1. I remember that first load of laundry... I think I cried!

    And that pic, of you eating ice cream in front of the fridge- you should sent that to Ben and Jerry's! It would make for an awesome ad campaign!

  2. What a cute photo! :-)

    I gained 30 pounds with E and he was born a big 36 weeker. If he'd stayed in another month who knows how much more I'd have gained. I know it stinks to see those numbers creep up, I have even known people who stood backwards on the scale at their prenatal visits and asked the nurse not to tell them their weight. BUT, you are growing a big, healthy girl in there and the weight does come off, I promise!

    I heard all about the shower from Shermy, it sounds like it was beautiful, I wish we could have been there! Love to you all.

  3. You look gorgeous! I know it is stressful gaining weight...but try to enjoy it if you can. It's for a great cause. I'm only 5'1 and I gained 31 pounds with my son (lost it all +3 more pounds in 8 weeks mostly just from breastfeeding), 28 pounds with my daughter (lost it all + 3 more pounds in 6 weeks mostly just from breastfeeding). It will come off fast...don't you worry!

  4. wow, 34 weeks -- amazing! i remember when this milestone seemed SO far away for you! some 35 weekers don't even need NICU time...amazing thought, huh?!

    so happy for you...so happy to see you doing baby laundry and preparing for that little gal!

    can't wait to meet her!

  5. So happy!!!! You are well on your way and Taylor is looking amazing in the plain white tee & pj pants with mama!
    I'm so glad that you get to experience the miracle of mothering once again but this time not from a distance. Thank you for all your posts...they give me hope that someday soon I just may be able to enjoy such blessings.

  6. So glad things are going well for you!! Congratulations!!

  7. Oh! How exciting! I am so happy for you Miss Lauren!

  8. You look gorgeous with your ice cream in that photo! I am so excited to read about your preparations at 34 weeks. So happy for you & the rest of the Greenies! :)

  9. You look SO good!! Yay for making it another week! And I LOVE that maternity picture!

  10. Hey there! I have been following your journey for quite a long time, pre-Taylor. Anyways I just wanted to encourage you, I have had two 35weekers now (not twins), my son was 35w0days and had to stay in the NICU for a few days, but did really well. My daughter was 35w3days, and came home with me!!! NO NICU, no nothing! We did have to have weight checks with the pediatrician but other than that NORMAL! You are there sweetie! I am rejoicing with you! I pray you go to at least 37 but know that she will do amazing NOW:_) God bless!!!

  11. You are such a cute pregnant lady! You are what I hope to look like if I'm lucky enough to be a mom someday :o) Taylor is going to be here SO soon!

  12. You are almost there! Isn't washing baby clothes fun?! I never, ever grow tired of it. It's the only laundry I enjoy doing - I know you'll feel the same! You look SO great!

  13. I love love love the pic of you sitting n front of the fridge :)

  14. such a cute picture with the icecream. so glad you've made it to 34 weeks.

  15. Lauren, you've done such a fantastic job of keeping track of your pregnancy progress. You're gonna LOVE that you are doing this, and Miss T will have the most rocking-ist baby book to cherish and share with HER kids way, way, WAY down the road! I'm loving reading all the updates too :)

    Keep a-truckin', girl! Almost there! Wishing you guys all the best and all my love and prayers.


  16. Lauren,

    I too am loving the cake batter ice cream...well, anything sweet anymore!

    And I also did little bunny's laundry last week...several loads, my first baby laundry as well. And OH the ANXIETY and tears! It was just sweetness coupled with lots of what if's and prayers to God that Little Bunny arrives safe and healthy in my arms.

    Prayers to you as you journey forward...5 weeks to go, can you believe it??? I can't wait to see her sweet face :)

    Much Love


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