March 28, 2011

33 Week Update – Nursery Edition!

How many weeks? I am 33 weeks!! 


How am I feeling?   The weeks are just flying by these days.  I feel great and am enjoying every day!  I’m getting really excited to have the end in sight!   Its so surreal knowing that our little Taylor will be in our arms in just a few weeks.  

Doctor’s Appointment? I retook the glucose tolerance test last week to learn that I don’t have gestational diabetes!  YAY!  So grateful for that.  I guess I am just growing a big, healthy baby!

Weight Gain? 18 pounds. I’ve hit 20 pounds!

Baby Preparation? The room is practically done, we are just missing a rocking chair, so without further delay, here are a few pictures of the nursery courtesy of KC…


Above: This mural was hand painted by our very talented neighbor, Jessica.  She took our idea for the room way above and beyond what we ever imagined.  Its just what I wanted; simple, girly, modern, and totally unique. We love how it turned out! Can you guess what the four birds represent?  

If any of you are interested in having a mural painted or some other custom paint work done, let me know and I’ll send you Jessica’s email address.


Above: We had this built-in installed.  The desk doubles as a changing table for now, and then when she is older this will be her desk.  The rocking chair that we’ve yet to get will sit somewhere on the wall to the right.

Below: I still need to add the bed skirt to the crib, but the bedding did finally arrive!  We aren’t going to use the bumper that came with the bedding set just as a safety precaution – what is your take on crib bumpers? 


Taylor is one lucky girl, isn’t she?  I want this as MY room :)

We spent all day with KC Russell on Saturday as we took maternity photos.  She has such an amazing eye for photography.  While she was here she also offered to take the nursery pictures.  We cannot thank her enough for spending the day with us and capturing this special time in our lives.  We will cherish them forever!



  1. Absolutely beautiful! I LOVE the four birds on the mural! :)

  2. I see the duck on the shelf!
    Love her nursery. Can't wait to see you this week!

  3. What a gorgeous room! And I love that tree!!

  4. I LOVE the nursery! It's gorgeous!

  5. It is so modern and cute! I love the grey/pink/white Its so cute how they blend together and the little birds....Fabulous! You are just so good with ideas and your neighbor is VERY talented. I love what you've had done with the space. Thank you for giving me the GREAT update. P.S:
    Your belly is ever so beautiful, still looking your best! Can't wait for those maternity photo's.

  6. So pretty! Love the four birds and that they were incorporated into Taylor's room!! So pretty!

  7. the nursery is BEAUTIFUL! totally awesome that you were able to incorporate the green beans in baby sister's room! :)

  8. Wow, you and the room look great :)

  9. first- you look gorgeous! you are getting skinnier while your bump is getting bigger! you look fantastic!

    second- the nursery is SO beautiful! the four birds made me a good way. so thoughtful and just breathtaking. taylor is one lucky lady!

  10. Wow that first pic of the nursery is total pro, that could be used on a sales website in seconds! Looks great, Taylor is a lucky little gal!

  11. Wow Taylor is one lucky little girl. The room looks great. As far as the bumper I have seen the new breathable ones that you are talking about and we debated about if we would use the traditional or not. For now we are going with the traditional, by the time the baby starts moving around in a lot of cases we just ditched the bumper anyway because they could pull both the breathable and the old fashioned down. I think it just comes down to what gives you peace of mind. Either way it is a great room.

  12. Beautiful Lauren!

    Yes, can that be MY room? I love the nursery its so sweet. And the birds, so very beautiful <3

    The bumpers, well I have them on Sadie's crib, as she just went in to her crib the first time maybe a week ago, before was in her pack & play. She is all over the crib but I haven't noticed anything concerning as of yet. But as I do she she will pull on them more and what not, I will definietly remove them and put the breatheable ones on. My mom said if I moved them now she would def hit her head, so I dont know what to do just yet. I will purchase the breatheable oens and I also heard there are ones that just go on the bars themselves!

    You are almost there Lauren and are progressing beautifully!! Cant wait to see the maternity photos!

  13. Her nursery is beautiful! I love the paintings on her walls!

  14. So glad you don't have GD. You look great and I love the nursery. The 4 birds brought tears to my eyes. A beautiful way to incorporate The Green Beans!

    As for bumper guards, I've used them with my kids. I've read all the warnings, but it's just my personal preference. I did try to take them out with Emma Grace, but when I did and she learned to push up on her hands, she would fall over and hit her head on the bars. Not fun! Of course they immediately came out when the girls started trying to stand on them.

    Good luck with finishing the nursery. I sure hope you're getting a glider rocker. My husband and I have spent countless hours in ours. I love rocking my babies! It's a Dutalier and is almost 12 years old and still holding strong.

    Praying for you!


  15. you look fab!!

    that room is so beautiful! i honestly thought the first pic was out a sample of what you "wanted" and not the room itself. breathtaking. and those 4 little birds. wow....i love it.

    and yes, i used bumpers. my kids didnt sleep in their cribs til 4 months or so but i always kept them on.....

    ps. your shower gift is probably gonna be late :/ sorry, i stink at deadlines!

  16. Looks straight out of a magazine! Beautiful!!!

  17. Ahh, the room looks amazing!!! Taylor's gonna love it! We used the bumpers until Cam could stand on them. Before that I did take them out one night & he woke himself up when he smashed his head against the rails. You know that boy, he's never still!

  18. Oops, that last comment was me, not Mike!

  19. I love the cute nursery! It looks great!

  20. Nursery looks very pretty, and the mural turned out great!! You look great too!

  21. Hands down, the most beautiful nursery EVER! I want that for my room, too. :-)

  22. Fabulous! I love the nursery Lauren! The mural is beautiful!

    We used the bumpers too.

  23. I used bumpers my first time around, but not the 2nd or 3rd. You really don't need them (except in certain cases). So, I would leave them off and reserve the rigth to change your mind (if the need should arise). You have been through so much; your peace of mind is paramount.

    Gorgeous, super gorgeous nursery.
    So peaceful and tranquil. You will love rocking your daughter in this beautiful room.

    Good luck and many good wishes.

  24. I used bumpers on both my kids cribs and they are now 21 and 18. Our son started sleeping in his crib at 6 weeks and our daughter at about 8 weeks and we had no issues with te bumper bads. I think they just help to protect them when they start rolling around and when they are at that age then they can move their heads around so there is no issue.

  25. So so beautiful. The birds are just so sweet and looking down over their sister. Taylor is one lucky girl!

    As for the bumper pads, I used them on both my kids and never had any issues. I liked them because when they started moving around I didn't worry about a hand or foot falling between the slats and getting tweaked or the head getting knocked. I kept mine lower then intended so the air was still flowing but still helped guard him.

    You look wonderful. So happy for you both.

  26. beautiful nursery! the four birds melted my heart...such a beautiful way to incorporate the green beans in little sister's room!

    you look great by the way. i'm already at 20 lbs and i'm 10 weeks behind you:)

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Taylor's room is so precious. The mural is perfect and I love how you so simply put 4 birds in her room. Taylor is one lucky girl!

  29. I have been following your blog for a while. I'm so sorry about the loss of your babies. It is such a tragic event. I'm so happy for you and your uneventful pregnancy with Taylor. The room is adorable! I absolutely love the idea of the four birds, so very special. As far as the bumper, I didn't have one for my son until he was scooting himself against the rails. We only used the bumper one night though because the next morning I found him with his face against it. So that was the end of that. Congratulations to you. You look beautiful:)

  30. My sons arms and legs would stick out when he got a little bigger. I was always affraid of him moving in the middle of the night with one of his extremities being out of the crib and hurting himself. We got a breathable bumper from Babies R us for $30.

  31. what a fabulous nursery. it's beautiful. as for bumpers, I could never bring my self to use them, because of the "what ifs." But, when my babies started rolling, they did bump their heads on the sides so we did find these:

    They wrap around each crib rail separately so there's no chance of entrapment, and yet they provide a little cushion for baby. A bit expensive but the peace of mind was totally worth it.

  32. I love the nursery- it is absolutely beautiful- and love the birds!!!

    I am a bumper girl- have been with all three of my children. No worries on my end.

  33. I LOVE IT!!!! its so GORGEOUS!!! shes a very lucky little girl!!

  34. I loooooove her room! It is so adorable!

    I've used bumpers and am fine with them as long as they are firm and tied tightly

  35. Nursery looks beautiful. I have been following your blog for awhile and I am very happy for you and your husband wonderful blessing. I have 9 and 6 year old daughters and never used bumpers--just not worth that small chance of suffocation.


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