February 8, 2011

Daycares, Registering, and More!

This baby thing is starting to feel more and more real with every week that goes by.  It’s really not going to hit me until we are driving home from the hospital with our baby girl safely tucked into her car seat.  It’s going to be so surreal.  I bet I’ll spend a few days just staring at her in amazement that she’s really mine.  Some people believe they are going to have a baby from the second they see a positive pregnancy test.  Me, on the other hand, have a slightly more pessimistic view on the whole thing, while still hoping for the best.020611_3 

I am enjoying playing along with all the baby preparations as we get closer and closer.  Josh and I had a very busy day visiting daycares and doing our baby registry!  We started the day out with tours of the three nearby daycares.  My friend, Lauren, armed me with tons of great questions to remember to ask and to look for when visiting the daycares.  At the end of the day, Josh and I unanimously agreed on one of the daycares, as it really stood out among the rest.  I already started to feel a little sad and anxious over the thought of taking my newborn to daycare, but at least we are really comfortable with the daycare that we chose.


registry1We also did our baby registry!  My baby shower plans are underway, so Josh and I felt it was a good time to get our registry started.  It was a little overwhelming trying to chose baby products when there are so many kinds!  We started off in the baby bottle section of the store and were amazed at the hundreds of variations.  Josh scanned one of every type, so we could try them out and let Taylor decide what she likes and exchange the rest.  

We have most of the big baby items already.  We started accumulating things back when I was pregnant with the Green Beans and I’ve had a lot passed down to me from friends with older kids.  So, we just registered for all the little things that we’ll need. 

I’m still hoping and praying every day that things continue to go well.  That my dream of bringing Baby Taylor home, full term, and healthy, will come true in about 13 weeks!



  1. I did my registry this weekend as well. OVERWHELMING is an understatement! :-). Hubby and I looked at each other and said, "we have no idea what we are doing!". I finally conceded to having a baby shower despite the nervousness that is still there. Hubby looked at me and said last week, "he's coming anyway so we might as well get ready." Continuing to keep you in prayers!

  2. u look adorable! i wouldnt know where to begin on registering for a baby! maybe after taylor is home and settled you can tell us the MUST HAVE products for new mommies!

  3. Arent you adorable!!! :)

    So glad things are still going well!

  4. Yay, so much fun!! Registering and showers are so exciting, but I agree, the registering part is so overwhelming! I think you've got a good plan on returning the ones you don't end up using. I can't wait until you bring that sweet baby girl home!

  5. I am so excited for you! You are adorable we all can't wait to meet Taylor too! : )

  6. Jst a suggestion for your shower. I recently attended one and on the invite that asked you to bring diapers and for every pack you brought yu got a raffle ticket for a gift card to a restuarant. It was really neat and some people brought 5-6 packs of diapers. Not as fun to open but well worth it. You can never have too many diapers. You look great by the way. We go for our next peri this Friday and all the kids are going to go to see Lily. I can't beleive that it is almost here for both of us:0

  7. You look beautiful Lauren as always! Youre baby bump is surely growing! And Sadie is 4.5 months alreaDY and I stilllll look at her marvel at her and still cant believe she is here sometimes, i wanted this little girl so much as i dud sweetpea Naomi.

  8. Lauren,

    The time is drawing near for us to do some registering as well and I'm feeling overwhelmed. I still suffer those moments of anxiety and will believe Little Bunny is coming home when he/she healthy and safe in our arms. I've agreed to some showers, which is a huge step for us, as is starting the nursery. As another friend reminded me, "take tiny steps".

    I just saw the latest us photo of Taylor's profile and its beautiful. We went today for Bunnys 28w 3D scan and we didn't get any profile pictures, as our sweet baby is breech. I'll admit I was on the verge of a meltdown, but remain grateful for this gift and I am willing to do whatever need to be bring our miracle into the world :)

    Much Love and have a great week

  9. Oh, how exciting! Can't wait to check out the registry!


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