January 3, 2011

Revisiting My 2010 Goals

I just came across the goals that I set for myself for 2010.  I thought it would be fun to revisit these and see how I did.  On Jan. 3rd 2010, I wrote these 4 goals for myself:

  • Allow myself to completely trust in God, and let Him be in control. (That's a big one, and easier said than done, but I am going to try my best. I have nothing to lose!)

Well, the word “completely” is basically impossible to do, but I’ve definitely done a better job at this.  In fact, as a result of me trying to do this more, I surrendered my infertility fight to God, and he answered my prayers!  I will never forget this and I’m thankful to be pregnant with our miracle baby every minute of every day!

Taylor at 19w

  • Keep up the positive outlook on life, and keep hoping for the best.

Overall, I think I do a good job at this.  I’ve struggled some but all in all I see the glass as being half full, rater than half empty.

  • Take advantage of this time in my life (when I don't have living children) and focus on excelling at work having fun with Josh.

I really think I accomplished this too!  This year, I made a huge effort to do something for me and only me and to take advantage of my child-less time.  I did what I enjoy and worked my butt off doing boot camp and pilates.  This summer, I leaned to enjoy running thanks to my C25k app.  It was a great stress reliever and it allowed me to accomplish fitness goals that I didn’t think I could do. 

It was the first time I did something whole heartedly without wondering, thinking, and waiting to get pregnant.  I cleared my mind and found happiness that didn’t revolve around having a baby.armband

  • Start using my Lose It app a little more strictly (since I slacked off over Thanksgiving and Christmas a little... oops!)

I did a pretty good job at this too!  I didn’t stick to it the whole year, but I did it enough to be able to gauge my caloric intake and it made me more mindful about what I eat. 

As far as my goals for 2011??

  • Trying to enjoy everyday of my pregnancy

Easier said than done, because I have been very hormonal lately, but I’m trying to get a grip on things and let myself ENJOY this special time.

  • Live a healthy lifestyle

I tend to obsess about this.  For the past 5 months, I haven’t been able to do any workouts and it worries me everyday.  I know, I know… I will get my body back to where I want it to be later this year after some hard work and dedication, but it is always on my mind.  Just the fact that I cannot do anything about it right now drives me a little crazy.  In the meantime, what I can control is what I eat.  I have a ravenous appetite, so I eat often, but I can control the quality and nutrition of what I put in my mouth.  Being pregnant over the holiday season was fun because I indulged more than I normally would have, thanks to my little Taylor demanding lots of sweets!

  • Remember to always thank God for all the blessings in my life

Even before I found out I was pregnant, I started to realize what a truly blessed life I live.  For so long I focused on the one thing I didn’t have, that I was blinded to all the blessings around me.  I have so much to be thankful for – a loving and caring husband, expecting our little Taylor, a healthy happy family, wonderful friends, a dream home, a successful job/career, AND MORE.  I could go on and on…

Happy 2011 Everyone!  Let’s make it a GREAT ONE!!



  1. love this post lauren!

    and i remember many an email chats talking about giving it up to god and you did...as best as any human can. i am so glad he has given you little taylor!

  2. you are a very amazing strong woman and im glad i found you and your family on here. I bought two green bean bracelets i cant WAIT to get them. I hope you and your family have a GREAT 2011.

  3. I just found your blog today and have to say WOW! What an inspiration you are! I absolutely LOVE your goals for 2010 and 2011! I have yet to set my own for this new year and since two weeks ago when my husband and I were given the green light to TTC again, I think your goals are the perfect starting point for me to set my own around. Surrendering the 'will I and wont I get pregnant' journey to God is something that I feel I have finally started trying to do. I don't think I realized it until I read it here today. Thank you for helping me realize that surrendering it is the best thing to do, TODAY! Wishing you and your growing tummy the very very best!


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