December 9, 2010

17 Week Update

How many weeks? 17.  Taylor is about 5 inches long and weighs about 5 oz., she’s about the size of a turnip!

17 weeks

hospital 120710

How am I feeling?  I’m a little on edge this week since this was the first of my scary weeks with the Green Beans.  I had a little scare Tuesday night.  I was feeling a constant, dull, menstrual cramping type of pain, so my doctor advised me to go to OB Triage to get checked out.  My fear was the cramping was a sign that my cervix was changing.  The good news is – my cervix was checked and still looking really good (4.2cm).  Taylor was fine, I was fine, all great news!  I think I was just a little dehydrated and am going to make a better effort at drinking lots and lots of water. 

Doctor’s Appointment? I have a Peri appointment on Friday.  Josh will learn how to give me my progesterone shots at this appointment.  Once he can do it for me, I am going to start doing them at night so that I can just sleep off the extreme fatigue that the shot gives me. 

Weight Gain?  8 pounds.

Baby Preparation?  I think my next nursery project will be to start with painting the walls.  Nothing more, just thought it’d be fun to get the painting out of the way.  I’m taking this nursery prep thing very slowly. 

Other prep I did this week, because of our little hospital scare, was pack our hospital bag.  I know that sounds crazy to do this early on in a pregnancy, but just in case I ever need to go again (which I don’t plan on) I want to be able to grab our bag and go.  The last thing I want to do after I’m told to “go to triage” is run around the house and get our things.  Now that I have a packed bag, I’m hoping it won’t be used until my delivery in May. 

Likes/Dislikes?  My normal appetite is pretty much back, except I’m wanting more carbs and dessert lately.  Oh well, what Taylor wants, Taylor gets, right?



  1. I'm glad you and baby Taylor are all good. I know the next few weeks are going to be hard keep your chin up and remember the greenies and baby Taylor by the way your are so cute you look amazing

  2. New follower! I found your blog through Kristin's. Just wanted to wish you a healthy pregnancy. I look forward to following your journey :)

  3. You look great! That progesterone does make you super sleepy! Good luck with the shots ;)

  4. you look beautiful!!! so glad to hear the scare was just dehydration. praying for a healthy full-term May delivery for taylor! (((hugs))))

  5. You look amazing! I love your Christmas decorations. :)

  6. Sweetest Friend,

    So sorry that you had that scare, but SO HAPPY all is well. I remember having some cramping too and drinking lots of water helped. I'm trying to get that 64 oz a day and boy is that hard to do! But, I'm doing it :)

    You look amazing! Be good to yourself and I hope the progesterone shots go well. I know Josh will be a wonderful nurse.

    Love to you,

  7. Glad you and Taylor are ok and hoping you can avoid L&D the rest of the time. It can be scary to have that cramping and such and thinking something is wrong. Better to be safe and get checked out at any time!

  8. oh Lauren you look BEAUTIFUL! I love your picture. I love your blog I just love it! So beautifully done. I love that belly bump of yours! How do you take such great pictures? I am so glad that everything is okay with that little scare. I remember with Naomi I had some of those, where I was irritated in my uterus and I was dehydrated alot, and nurses told me they see alot of that. So with Sadie, I bought a water bottle and filled it up 2 or 3 times a day (a big 64 oz one) and it surely helped with that and my headaches early on! Love the updates and weekly pictures!!

  9. So glad the scare was just a scare and you're both doing well! Be sure and massage the shot site each time you do a PIO shot, will help prevent lumps from forming, won't completely prevent, but keeps them at a minimum! You'll be fine doing it! Hubbies do well at that. Nan told me to stand on the leg opposite where you're getting the shot and take you weight off where it's going and just relax (I leaned over the counter) it helps you not tense up.

    You look gorgeous! So happy for you!!

  10. YOu have the cutest baby bump!!!!! You look gorgeous!!!!

  11. Lauren, I am so Happy for you. I am not sure if you remember me, but I lost my Triplets in 2008 ( and went on to have a Healthy baby girl last year. Megyn just turned 1 on wed. Please let me know if you need anything, I live in Hudson. Please feel free to email me I have been in your shoes and remember all of the fears. You have a great cheering squad. Congrats to you, well deserved!!!! Take Care Cathi Long

  12. my prayers are with you during this journey

  13. You look beautiful, Lauren! I wish you some calmness over the next few stressful weeks. xo.


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