November 8, 2010

Week 13 Update

Did you notice the Baby Sex Poll that I added on the right column?  If you haven’t done so already, please place your vote to let us know if you think Greenie Baby is a BOY or a GIRL

How many weeks? 13

How am I feeling?  Overall, I’m feeling good, just still super tired!


Doctor’s Appointment? Yes!  I am going to see the Perinatalogist this week.

Workouts?  No :(  I’ll get skinny next summer… promise!

Sleep?  I can easily sleep for 10+ hours a night and still take a nap.  When will this extreme tiredness stop?

Weight Gain?  I’m up 4 pounds.  (Maybe 5 after Ashley’s baby shower.  She had a desert and candy bar!)

Baby Preparation?  We got beautiful wood floors installed last week in the Nursery.  That’s all we’ll be doing for now. 

We might be able to find out the sex of the baby this week at the doctor’s appointment, according to the technician.  I was surprised when she said that it will be possible to find out this soon!  The Peri has a high-def ultrasound machine, so it can see more than the OB’s machine.  If we find out the sex soon, then I’m sure we’ll start making a few more baby preparations!

Likes/Dislikes?  I don’t really feel nauseas from certain food anymore, but there are random things that just don’t taste the same to me right now.   Like, salads and tomatoes…. They just don’t taste right to me.  I hope that’s just a phase because I looove salads!



  1. awww you look so cute! Congrats :) Hope you get to find out the sex at yor appt!!

  2. Lauren,

    We were offered the opportunity to find out the gender at our MFM's office at 13w 4d. As you say, the technology those guys use is quite sophisticated so I'd say you will find out at that appointment :)

    My overall tiredness started letting up at around 12 weeks. You should get your groove back soon! And some things still taste weird to me too, so don't fret.

    Happy 13 weeks! Keep the pictures coming :)


  3. You look adorable! Love hearing good updates!!! Keep them coming. Can't wait to find out what you're having, Andrea is making me wait, poo! Continuing to pray good things for you and baby Green!

  4. awesome!! :) the tiredness will probably start to taper off soon, and then starts up again as you get bigger at the end. and for me with benjamin, i couldn't eat red meat the whole time - it stopped making me nauseous after around week 13, but never tasted good to me until after he arrived. hopefully that won't happen to you!! i love reading your updates and will continue to pray for your pregnancy. :)


  5. You look great!...can't wait to hear what it is....!

  6. Lauren, I found your blog some time ago, through some others and have been following your story. I am so happy for you now, even though I don't even know you. You and your dear little one are in my prayers.


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