November 25, 2010

It’s A………..

The majority of you who voted think Greenie is a girl.

greenie sex

Well…..  I’m pleased to announce the you were right! 


and her name is…

Taylor2We picked the name Taylor, because we both just love the name.  When I brought it up, we both agreed – and trust me, that doesn’t happen often!  Her middle name, Elise, is after one of her big sisters, Paige Elise.

My appointment yesterday went perfectly.  My cervix is still measuring 4.5cm which is great!  As of now, there are no signs of that changing anytime soon.  I start my weekly Progesterone shots next week for 20 weeks.

We have lots to be thankful for this year!  Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!



  1. Congrats!!!!! I am so happy for you and your family

  2. Congratulations!! What a thanksgiving gift! So happy for you & your entire family! <3

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy for you! I love her name. Praying for you both! Happy Thanksgiving! Remembering your Green Beans this holiday season!


  4. Congratulations! What fantastic news that you are having a baby girl!! Such a sweet blessing!
    I read your blog often and don't usually comment but I am so happy for you and wanted you to know!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!

  5. Congratulations! You guys deserve this and I hope and pray you have an uneventful rest of the pregnancy and an uneventful birth and life of this new baby GIRL! I love the name Taylor by the way and love that you are using Elise to honor one of her sisters! So cute!

  6. Congratulations!! What a blessing! SUCH a beautiful name! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Congradulations! What amazing news!!!

  8. I'm thrilled for you beautiful girl. Congratulations and what a lovely name xxx

  9. BEAUTIFUL name!!! i absolutely love it!

    can't wait to meet little baby girl!!

    so happy for you!

  10. congrats! Beautiful name :) I'm so happy for you guys!

  11. Wonderful neews...I'm one too, who thought it was a girl! Congrats and you chose a beautiful name!!!

  12. I'm so happy for you and Josh! There is nothing more exciting or precious then a new baby.

  13. I just LOVE her name!!
    So glad you see to be trucking along just fine! Keep it up girl!!

  14. I know I already texted you to say congrats, but I wanted to say it here, too!!! I am so excited! Taylor Elise is such a beautiful name!!! I am so so so very happy for you guys and thankful for a smooth pregnancy for you so far. This is just all such wonderful news!!! (((hugs)))


  15. Lauren,

    Félicitations! Une petite fille! Tres bien :)

    So happy for you and Josh and I will be anxiously awaiting the arrival of beautiful Taylor Elise. And how beautiful to honor Paige by giving Taylor her namesake. So sweet and heart felt.

    I'm just SO, SO HAPPY and I'm even happier to be sharing this journey with you. Hope that you are feeling well and that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    Much Love to you,

  16. Congrats! Glad you and baby Taylor are healthy...and I kept my guessing streak going correctly! :)

    Dawn in NC

  17. Aw, congrats! How exciting! I voted girl!

  18. Horray!!! Girls are great! Every mama I know is having baby boys all around! i was hoping for a girlie! :) You & my other friend are having a girl, and one of my other friends finds out tomorow! The name is absolutely beautiful Lauren! Congrats to you & your family! You look beautiful as always!!

  19. Congratulations! I'm happy that everything is looking good. I can't wait to hear more as your pregnancy progesses!

  20. Loooooove this name!! I have two very beautiful cousins - one named Taylor, the other Elise. :-) I just love it!

  21. Yes! Leeland will have another girlfriend :) Congrats friend :)


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