August 3, 2010

The Finale!

Last night my girlfriends and I got together like we normally do on Monday nights to watch the Bachelorette.  To make last night more special for the finale, Allison put out a nice spread of chocolates, whipped cream, strawberries,and champagne.  I also brought some cookies, wine, AND most importantly - our votes for the winner!

IMG_9799A few weeks ago, we placed our votes for who we thought would end up being in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.  We revealed the votes after the show ended last night.  Lauren B. won, so the losers are going to take her out for a sushi dinner.

ali and robertoIt was an emotional finale last night and we were all sad to see Chris go.  In the end, Ali found (true?) love with Roberto and they make such a cute couple.  I really hope this one lasts!


Who do you think will be the NEXT Bachelor?  (I’m hoping it will be Chris!)

Are you guys planning to watch the spin off, Bachelor Pad?


  1. OMG! I wished we lived closer than 2 hours bc I SO would have been there!
    Oh I will TOTALLY watch the Bachelor Pad!!! Gotta love trash TV!

  2. I told Allison I was jealous of your Bachelorette night! maybe next season :) I was sad to see Chris go too. Not sure if I'll watch the bachelor pad, but it looks interesting!

  3. Fun night! I have to say, she narrowed it down to the sweetest 2 guys. Who could resist Roberto? He was dreamy in all aspects, well traveled and sophisticated. Chris was just plain precious and the perfect girl is waiting on him :)

    I think the next Bachelor will be Kurt or possibly the guy from Nashville, but who knows? Perhaps even Jesse the contractor...

    Hoping this lasts, as they are so darn cute! We used to do Bachelor night with all of our friends and it was SUCH fun! I do have to admit that I like the Bachelorette better than the Bachelor.

  4. Sounds like a blast!!
    I freaking LOVE Roberto! lol
    and yes, I will be watching Bachelor Pad..I'm a sucker!!!

  5. I love our Monday Bachelor/Bachelorette nights! So much fun! I'm looking forward to our sushi dinner out!

  6. I wish I did that with my girlfriends because I LOVE the Bachelorette! I wish she had picked Chris, but I was glad to see that she didn't make him go through the whole "process" just to break his heart. I hope her and Roberto last!

    I will SOOOO be watching the Bachelor Pad. Sooo trashy, but I'm sure I'll be watching every week! :)

  7. I sent you an award :)
    You can see it here:

    Your turn to pass it out! ;)

  8. I loved the show. Roberto was the best pic I think.

    I am so hooked on the series. Bachelor Pad was a good idea for a show...I'll def be watching. :)

  9. so, i had to wait til i watched the show to read this post- i have been keeping myself from scrolling down for days. ha! evan and i both worked on the bachelor and bachelorette for a few seasons- and i have to say, of all the seasons, this was by far my FAV! i will definitely be watching the bachelor pad- and if Chris isn't the next bachelor, i will be so disappointed! :-)

  10. I always have so much fun on our Monday girlies (and Perno) nights! So excited for the Bachelor Pad! The fun can continue!!


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