June 6, 2010

Fun Sunday Adventure!

Josh and I got a once in a life time opportunity to go to MacDill Air Force Base and tour a plane today!  My neighbor is an Air Force pilot and his job is to fly the top Generals of the military around in luxury jets!  How sweet is that?!?


Just before his flight this morning, he opened up the plane and gave us a private tour!  This plane is called the G5 – you may have heard P. Ditty rap about it before! This baby sells for $70 MILLION bucks!  I wasn’t exaggerating before when I said he flies in luxury!


It looks small from the outside, but it is fully equip with a private living room, kitchen, and 2 bathrooms.  I would LOVE to take an international flight in one of these!


We felt like kids again sitting in the cockpit!  I was amazed at the amount of buttons and screens that are in this plane.  I was tempted to push a few, but I didn’t want to mess anything up.



Josh is already talking about wanting to take flying lessons now!   Oh boy!

After the tour and driving around the rest of MacDill, we went to Datz Delicatessent for lunch.   This was our first time at this super-swanky deli in South Tampa. They make some of the best sandwiches, and have a great beer and wine selection.  I totally want to back again to check out the night scene.


I was exhausted after that exciting morning and afternoon!  I headed straight home for a little Sunday nap!  Ahh, I love the weekends! 7


  1. Oh! I have a gift certificate for Datz! How is it?!

    Looks like a fabulous day!

  2. That is so neat my BIL is in the Air Force. How do you like living in Tampa Hubs and I were thinking of moving there in a couple of years.

  3. oh that is so cool! looks like a lot of fun!

  4. I hear DATZ is great....even better at night!

  5. what a great little adventure! Thinking of you :) xxx

  6. How exciting! I'm glad you guys had a 'fun' Sunday!

  7. Josh should totally start flying so he can take us all over the place, I think that's a great idea! Also, I've heard nothing but outstanding things about Datz Deli, it's really big in the Tampa beer community. Believe me, I know.

  8. Lauren,

    When you get ready to hi-jack that jet and your pilot friend and head to Paris...count me in!

    HUGS and so happy you had a good day with friends!

  9. wow, that is awesome! what a great day. let me know if you head to Datz at night, we love it too!!!

  10. Wow, that looked so fun! I'm glad you had a great time.


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