March 28, 2010

I Saw Potential…

There once was a unwanted, ugly, ORANGE basket that sat at Goodwill… 


But I saw its potential, so I brought it home and gave it a makeover.


Now, the basket has new lease on life and it’s sitting, happily in the corner of the living room!


The End.


  1. Nice! And it looks like it's happy in the perfect spot! :)

  2. Way to go green and recycle my friend! I love turning odd bits into treasures :) Again, another similarity! You sure you and Josh don't want to live in TN? There's an awfuly cute house FOR SALE next to mine :) LOL

    Hugs and Have a Fantastic Week!

  3. Oops! Forgot something....

    The blog make over is phenomenal! LOVE, love, love it!

  4. beautiful!!! a woman after my own heart! :-)


  5. cute!!! sure wish I had your eye & could spot these "finds!!!"

  6. Together we would make a dynamic decorating team. Think of all the stuff we could repurpose.

  7. Oh I love those sort of "finds"..especially when they end up working!

    Looks great and I looove the wall color you chose in the living room.

  8. Girl! How did you know I was waiting for another Lauren project?!

    Hugs! And, thank you SO SO much for coming out to Bottles 4 Babies!

  9. LOVE happy endings!! :) THANKS again for coming out last night!!!

  10. Very cute and creative!!!! I remember when you did the foam headboard - I would love to try to do that!! xxxooo

  11. Looks like a UT basket. Around these parts we call that Longhorn Orange :) Austin is the only place you can wear burnt orange and not be a "what not to wear candidate"

  12. Great job! You have such great luck at Goodwill!

  13. I seriously wish I could do that...just look at things and see its potential!! Is that something you can teach? lol

    Kristi Guillory

  14. love it!

    I left a little gift for you on my blog.

  15. I like the basket's new look!


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