March 21, 2010

Bracelet Update

So far we have had far more success with the Green Bean bracelets than I ever imagined!  It’s so wonderful to hear that lots of you would like your very own bracelet! 

Green Bean Bracelets 
Here are some highlights we’ve had over the past month:
Our first international order!  That’s right; the Green Beans are going global!  One of our faithful readers, Emma, purchased one all the way from Orkney,  Scotland!  
The Green Bean bracelet anklet!
My little niece, Avery, came up with the very bright idea to wear her Green Bean bracelet as an anklet.  I think she could be starting a new trend here!
Exceeded $150 in sales!
All of the proceeds from the Green Bean Bracelet sales will be donated to The March of Dimes.  I love how my Green Beans are able to (indirectly) help other babies who are in need through the bracelet sales!  It’s so cool!

I’d love to see pictures of YOU wearing your Green Bean Bracelets, so please email them to me [the @ greenfamily (dot) com].


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look!!!! and LOVE the success of the Bean's bracelet!!!

  2. Just got mine :) Totally forgot to order it. You'll see the order under Daniel Benson. That's my lover :) We have the same account :)
    <3 you

  3. thats so awesome lauren!!!

    love the new blog design too!

  4. Tell me you have some left to bring to Bottles For Babies! I would LOVE to buy one!

    And, LOVING the new banner! FANCY!

  5. Lauren,

    I want to email you a picture, but I don't understand the email you have written in the blog. (New to this stuff!!) Can you let me know how to do it? If it is easier for you, just email me privately at

    Thanks, Susan

  6. ack I forgot about sending you a better picture. Sorry! Rough week here.

  7. I will have to remember to try and get a pic!

  8. Meant to tell you Hannah wears hers permanently on her ankle too. I need to snap a group shot of everyone with theirs. WE miss you much and can't wait to see y'all in June. And you get the girls for a week after that too!


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