February 9, 2010

Green Bean Bracelets

The other day, Josh told me that he ordered me something.  Something that I would never be able to guess and something that I’d love!

And that ended up being THESE…


Josh ordered these bracelets that say “Remembering the Green Beans”.  It was a very sweet gesture of him.  The bracelets are something that he can always wear, and they are great to give out to our friends and family too. 

We have some plans in place for Lily, Paige and Rylan’s upcoming Heaven Day on February 23rd.  I look forward to sharing it with you soon!


  1. What a sweet guy. I think of your babies often and they make me smile. So much love for such a little time with them.

  2. lauren, that's awesome!!! such a great guy. :)

  3. what a sweet guy! i love them!

    my hubby wears one that has our boys names on it...it's been almost 2 years and he hasn't yet taken it off!

  4. That is such a sweet way to remember them. Way to go Josh!

  5. that is so sweet! thinking of you this whole month- anniversary dates are so hard. (((hugs)))



  6. What a great daddy! I bet there are enough people out there that would love to have one of these. Maybe think about selling them and donating the money made to charity in honor of the Green Beans.

  7. Love the bracelets. We have some for our babies and never take them off. So sweet of your husband!

  8. What a sweet surprise!!
    Looking forward to hearing what you do for their heaven day.
    Lots of prayers to both of you during these tough days

  9. LOVE it! Andrew and I would love to wear one if we can get a couple from you!!

  10. How adorable! That was so incredibly thoughtful of Josh :) Thinking of you often xoxoxoxox

  11. Wow, that's really cool Lauren. I wan't one! Think of you all the time!
    Love Brooke

  12. I WANT ONE!!!! How cool! Been super busy but I really miss you!! Let's get together soon!!!!!

  13. I would love one...I found you from a friend of mine who lost their baby and have followed your blog. Thinking about you this month, I can't imagine how hard it must be to lose a child, let alone four. Prayers are with you. If you don't mind, I'd love to purchase one (or a few) from you...if you have extras to do that. Email me if so and let me know how much and I can send you it through PayPal if you have it or money order, whatever works for you. THANKS! info@customkidsdecor.com

  14. What a gem of a hubby...you are a lucky girl, but I don't have to tell you that :)

    What a wonderful way to honor "the Green beans" I just love Josh's creativity.

    Know that I will be thinking of you on the 23rd and sending some extra love your way. I know the Green Beans and my little Firefly are holding hands in Heaven :)

    HUGS Always...you continue to inspire me xoxo

  15. Such a sweet idea...I think you should sell a few to us (your faithful readers) and donate our money to a special charity. I would love to make a donation in honor of your babies (and I don't even need the bracelet in return!).

    I really admire your strength...I can't imagine what you've been through. You are an amazing woman!
    Thank you for continuously inspiring me!!

  16. I think it's so neat you have these bracelets!


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