January 22, 2010

The Sunset

I love looking up into the sky and seeing the sun shine through the clouds.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be a sunset, just any time I see those sunbeams shining through the clouds, I get a sense of peace.  It’s like God’s way of reminding me that everything is okay.  Seeing that immediately makes me think of my babies up in heaven.  It’s my little reminder that they are happy and having a great time in heaven.


I was stuck in stop-and-go traffic yesterday, and I looked over to my left and saw this beautiful sunset.  It was perfect, and had bright beams of light shining through the clouds.  When I saw this I rolled down my window and grabbed my phone. Traffic had me at a complete stop, so I snapped this picture!  It’s not the best quality picture, but it’s still pretty amazing that I was able to capture that perfect moment with my phone.


  1. BEAUTIFUL! I love photos like that!

  2. Beautiful! whay a precious reminder!

  3. It's a beautiful picture! I feel the same way about looking up, but sunsets and sunrises speak to me the most. Sometimes when I'm taking my girls to school in the morning and the sun is rising, the sky looks like pink and blue cotton candy,, even purple in places where the two colors blend. I also love to go out at night when there is a full moon and the clouds are spotty. It looks like huge, fluffy cotton balls in the sky. I immediately think of Grady. Only God could create something that magnificent and beautiful!

  4. Perfect! I love moments like that too

  5. I love the sunsets down here too, they always remind us of heaven as well.

  6. I know that sense of peace so well. Years ago I heard a song with the lyrics "Can't you see the hand of Jesus reaching out for you?" and ever seeing those sunbeams shining through the clouds has reminded me of those words and brought me peace. It's always nice to hear that someone you don't even know is having a similar experience.
    Praying for you and your Green Beans.

  7. There is definitely something very peaceful and majestic about the sunsets like these. I saw one I'll never forget the night I drove home from my Grandpa's memorial in July of 08. The sunbeams were shining through the clouds and I just knew it was a sign from heaven that he crossed over and was at peace.

  8. Gorgeous! I have the same feeling about sunbeams

  9. Love it! I feel the same way as you described it when you see those sun beams shining through the clouds like that! God's way of giving us a glimpse of Heaven!

  10. That is so beautiful! I always love when the sun's rays shine through the clouds like that.


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