January 24, 2010


On Friday I had to go back to the Dermatologist to have 3 more “dysplastic” moles removed.  My doctor thought these moles were questionable, so erring on the side of caution,  she decided to remove them.  The lab results ended up showing that the one on my forearm was pretty bad, so my doctor had to go in deeper to get clear margins.  The cut was so large, I had to get 5 stitches!  


I was very brave and endured the 3 numbing shots, and what felt like 10 minutes of stitching!  It was not fun at all; although, having this done is still a lot better than having melanoma! 

I’m learning the hard way, but now I always wear sun block.  My days of having a nice dark tan are over unfortunately!

If you think you may have any “questionable” moles (or even freckles), please don’t hesitate; get them checked out!  It’s all about prevention and a lot better to find out sooner than later!


  1. absolutely! i had two moles removed a few years ago and a couple more on "watch"...nice job braving the stitching!! :)

  2. I have had several removed, as well and am due for another check up. Setting up an appt. has been on my to do list for a while. Thanks for the reminder!! :)

  3. Thanks for this kick in the butt! I have moles and freckles just like you and I really need to get in and have them checked. Always good to have someone else keep you accountable. :)

  4. i am so glad you got that taken care of! yes, wear your sunscreen! (i need to remember, too)!



  5. I'm glad you're taking care of yourself. Your days of dark tans might be over but just think... when you're 75, you'll be healthy AND you'll look 20 years younger than the rest of us!

  6. Hannah had her neck one removed last week. No stitches necessary but I know she feels your pain

  7. Lauren,

    SO sorry you had to endure this, but you WERE brave :) Unfortunately, being blonde and fair skinned brings forth moles and freckles. Like you, I get screened and no more sun dates for me either. Now I slather on the sun block too :)

    Glad you are well and know that I'm sending you a little hug and hope that your boo boo heals soon.


  8. Thanks for the reminder. I had two removed last summer and one came back bad. I ended up with seven stitches the second time around, but it was worth it to avoid melanoma! I had to cancel my six month appointment a few months ago because of my children, but you just reminded me, it's time to reschedule. thank you.

  9. You're a tough cookie, Lo Lo! I need to get my act together & get myself to a dermatologist too. Better safe than sorry.

  10. I'm glad you keep track! I make sure to look at mine once in a while. I certainly don't want skin cancer and I have had 2 checked out and they were good. I definitely don't sunbathe like I did when I was younger. No more Hawaiian tropic oil for me!


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