January 15, 2010

Losing It

When I saw on Kelly’s Korner, that this week’s “Show Us Your Life” topic is weight loss tips and workout ideas, I immediately thought of Lose It!  Do you guys have this yet?  If you have an iPhone or iTouch you can download it for free.  It’s really easy to use and I recommend it for everyone...  People that want to lose weight, or just maintain their current weight, men, women, whoever! 

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

I don’t like to use the word “diet” because that sounds temporary to me.  The key to losing weight and keeping it off is to make those key lifestyle changes.  (Ha!  I sound like a commercial, but it’s true).  I already have a pretty healthy diet, so there weren’t any major things I needed to change in order to maintain my (almost) ideal weight.  For me, Lose It! has helped me manage my calorie intake so that I eat just the right amount for my size and activity level. 

I’m really staying true to the whole “Show Us Your Life” theme, and I’m going to show you my actual Lose It! log for this week…

 lose it


This shows my “net” caloric intake each day.  That means that if you work out and burn 200 calories for example, you get those calories back to consume, if you want for that day.  It also totals up all your exercise and shows any weight changes for the week.

I try and budget calories and plan ahead when I want to indulge on something.  I also found a way to still enjoy the chocolate that I crave, so I keep mini dark chocolates in the freezer.  When I need some, I grab two and it satisfies my chocolate craving.   Two chocolates are only 90 calories, plus dark chocolate isn’t all that bad for you, so it’s a win win!

dove What workout and diet ideas do you have that are working for you?


  1. Oh that app for the phone is a great little gem to know about!! Thank you for posting about it :)

  2. I like walking the dogs as much as possible to lose a bit of weight. The benefits are many 1) human loses weight 2) dogs get exercise/lose weight 3) spend more time with your significant other if they go with you. Of course this is easy to do here in Florida during the winter, not for the northern folks!

  3. that's awesome, lauren!!!

    i am doing weight watchers online, eating macrobiotic (somewhat!), have cut out processed foods, and am hiking for exercise. :-)

  4. That's REALLY awesome! I seriously need some butt-kicking b/c I have actually ADDED 10 lbs lol I've been eating like a crazy person!! Thanks for the idea and motivation! Hopefully I can report back soon with a LOSS instead of a gain!!


  5. Very cool! I'm particularly passionate about strawberry chocolate zone bars these days! Chocolate for breakfast?!

  6. BTW, I'd like to see you closer to that 1,500 net mark! Under 1,000 calories one day?!?!? Crazy!

  7. Lauren,

    I love that you are using this app!

    As for me, I try to get in at least 40 minutes of cardio a day and have just committed to a new personal trainer! She is pushing me toward my goal of toning & tightening :)

    Love the chocolates! And, love No-Pudge Brownie mix! I use the singel serve recipe and it's made with yogurt. Also, love Greek Yogurt and honey for a little snack :)

    Way to go little Mrs. Fabulous! Hugs :)


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