December 5, 2009

holiday wine party

As many of you know, I had a holiday themed Wine Party last night! It was tons of fun! Everyone brought a bottle of red wine of their choice, and I supplied the cheese and other appetizers. To make it a little different from my last wine party, I researched all about what wines go with what cheeses and created little cheat sheets for my guests to know what cheeses were best to sample with the wine they were drinking. I was surprised to learn that Publix carried all of the special world cheeses that I was looking for.

I got Gouda, Gruyere, Sharp Cheddar, Munster, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Camembert, and Brie. Mmm- mmm good! Some of my favorite combos were Merlot or Zinfandel with Parmigiano and Gouda.

Allison and Holly both brought over some yummy appetizers. This is Holly's Cream Cheese and Pesto Bread. It was delish!

I made this festive centerpiece out of some things I had around the house, and decorative grapes from the good ole' dollar store. I took a glass vase, added a flameless candle, and stuffed it full of grapes. Cute, huh?

ALSO, courtesy of the dollar store, I got these awesome wine glasses! Yes, just $1 each! They are huge, all glass, and really sturdy! The could easily be sold at Pottery Barn for $10 each! What a deal.

And here are all of the cheeses laid out with their labels!

Just some of the girls...

All the empty bottles collected on the counter as the party was dying down. I think it was a success!

Until next time girls!!


  1. Looks like a blast! I love wine & cheese...mmmm

  2. What fun...I wish I was your neighbor! xx

  3. From the looks of the empty bottles...a good time was had by all :) So happy you had FUN, but jealous I wasn't there. Can I dash over for the next one? LOL

  4. Totally, I wish I could have ALL my Blogger Friends over for my next Wine Party!!

  5. Looks like FUN and I'm sorry I missed it! LOVE the centerpieces and LOVE those glasses....what a STEAL!

  6. What a great lookin' party. The glasses were a steal!

  7. How fun! I'm not much of a wine person but I love cheese! :)

  8. WoW! I think I counted 10 empty bottles of wine! I'm glad you girls had such a fabulous time!

  9. Lauren, you are so stinkin' good at this stuff! Everything looks wonderful! I am just ILL that I wasn't there! UGH! Don't give up on me. Next time. For real! Hugs! And, CHEERS!

  10. Gotta love tons of chicks and tons of wine!

  11. Can't wait to try that cream cheese & pesto bread!!! That looks awesome!!! Question about that recipe... It says 1 package of cream cheese- 3 oz... Might sound crazy but I've never seen a 3 oz package, only 8 oz... Just wanted to make sure on that figure... Thanks!!!


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