December 7, 2009

don't break a leg!

Thank God hanging Christmas lights this year did not end up with this...

That's right folks! People really DO break their legs while hanging Christmas lights!

Three years ago, Josh attempted to hang Christmas lights at our house, and had a bad fall off the ladder. When this happened, I was at the opposite end of the house sweeping in the garage. I faintly heard the word "LAUREN!!" and my heart sunk! I immediately ran to go find Josh. I found him lying in extreme pain, holding his leg. At first we thought it was foot, so I grabbed the largest pot we had and filled it with ice water. Josh's foot wouldn't even fit in the pot, and trying to ice it only caused him more pain. Without much more delay, I drove him straight to the hospital. It was a bumpy and painful ride, but we eventually got there. We were surprised to learn that he had actually broken his leg! It was appropriately called a "green"stick fracture.

Luckily for us (especially Josh) this year's Christmas light hanging did not result in a trip to the hospital!

We kept things pretty low-key and just resused the lights we had left over from previous years and decorated the palm tree! That's it. I would like to go all out, Griswold-style, but maybe next year.

I hope everyone has a safe Christmas!


  1. What a pretty palm tree! Glad there were no er trips this year!

  2. I hope everyone notices the remotes, laptop, and xbox contollers in the pic. It had it perks! ;)

  3. 2 years ago was our first time in this house. I MADE Tony get a huge ladder and climb to the peak of the second story to hang lights. He slipped once and landed on the peak over the garage. We only got an honorable mention for our neighborhood contest so I decided it wasn't worth the risk. If we had placed he would have been back up there this year!! ;) Glad Josh didn't risk his life again this year!!! And the palm looks FAB!!!

  4. Josh...I was wondering what kind of hospital you went to. I am assuming you sat in the lap of luxury at home. With a very doting Lauren.

    And you guys have seen enough of hospital for a lifetime. No more for either of you.

  5. Joy: The hospital that we went to for that was horrible. So bad, that my (two, yes two) ER visits were free... Lauren took tiptop shape of me though =)

  6. Glad to hear you decorated safely this year! xx

  7. Any safe decorating is good decorating!

  8. Cute post! Glad all is safe this year and your lights are adorable! When I saw the picture I first thought "oh no, what happened!", then, a sigh of relief :) Hugs, Nan xoxoxo

  9. very cute!!! But omg I'm SUCH a freaking grammar natzi! It should be "break" not "brake" lol omg don't hate me but i HAD to say it!!!!

    and hooray for no broken bones this year!! YAY


  10. Kristi - THANK YOU for pointing out my huge grammar mistake! Duh! "break" vs. "brake" has always confused me. :-)

  11. Glad to hear that this year's decorating resulted in NO broken bones!! :)

  12. oh my gosh, that is horrible. I'm so glad that everything went as planned this year.


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