December 31, 2009

Doggie Vaca

Before we left for our Christmas Vacation, I stressed over where Seven and Romie would go. It's a lot to ask someone to watch two dogs at once, and most of the people that we would ask were all leaving for Christmas too. We looked into boarding, but I wasn't happy with that because they would be sitting in kennels 24/7 while we were gone. UNTIL... I found the perfect solution! The Trump Hotel for doggies (aka The Lodge)!

It was perfect! Seven and Romie got to room together in a Junior Suite. They had their own beds with doggie bedding and a flat screen TV to watch The Animal Planet on, and their own private lanai! In addition to that, they had three 30 minute play times each day in the courtyard with the other dogs. They fed them gourmet dog food, and got nightly treats. On their last day they went to the spa for a head to toe grooming. I don't know about you, but it sounds so good that I'd stay there! The Lodge also encouraged me to call and check in on them as much as I wanted. So... I called a few times to get the full report. :)

They were so excited to see me when I picked them up. I wish they could tell me all about their stay, because I'm sure it was fun!


  1. I think who ever came up with that business idea is GENIUS! Can we stay there?!...LOL!

  2. We have these in my hometown they are a big hit. I think they should have a video camera on them during their stay and provide that to the owners for a keepsake. That way they know what the fur-babies do while they are away. I am lucky my son comes to stay with our 4 fur-babies, because the boarding thing scares me as well. Glad they had a good time and smelled good when they came home.

  3. I think your dogs got the royal treatment. Lucky them. I am sure they had a fabulous Christmas also.

  4. Cute! When Piper stays at her place she gets frosty paws for her bedtime snack. Hannah always places a milkbone in her crate the first few nights she is home just to help her adjust :) I prefer bandanas on Seven bows aren't her thing! Speaking of what size do you make the bandanas? I have some fabric for them.

  5. Adorable pictures! I love that there is a doggie hotel.

  6. Adorable!!! When we had our chocolate lab, Hauser, we boarded him at a hotel for dogs...and he never wanted to leave! LOL. It was a lot of fun for him. I am glad yours get to room together. How fun!

    Wishing you a wonderful, peaceful, and happy new year. you deserve ONLY the very best. (((Hugs)))


  7. that's awesome....when I had to board my dog at a kennel killed me....this place sounds much MUCH better!!

  8. Oh my gosh that place sounds unbelievable and much better than places I've stayed before! Do they take humans too? lol

  9. What a riot! Who knew such a place existed! So glad your 2 gals were taken such good care of in the lap of luxury!


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