December 21, 2009

and the winners are...

Thank you so much for participating in my giveaway! It was so nice to hear from some of my followers who don't typically leave comments. I love reading all of your kind words. I am so honored that so many of you think that I am an inspiration. That really encourages me to continue doing what I am doing, and to be strong! I am hopeful that next year will bring good things, and I look forward to sharing it with you all!

I used Random Number to select the winners, and THEY ARE...

Giveaway #1

The hand painted tile from Warden Graphics goes to...

Larry and Kara Wright

Giveaway #2

The $50 Gift Certificate to Bead Creations International goes to..

Seth and Christie

Giveaway #3

The embRACE headbands and towel goes to...


Kara, Christie, and Krista, please go to my contact page by clicking HERE to email me your mailing address. Thanks!


  1. Yay congrats to the three winners!

  2. I found your blog through Karen @ GottJoy....

    I'm a babyloss Mama too, three times. 5 and a half years ago we had a stillborn baby girl @ almost 7 months and 2007 we had a miscarriage, and again on Valentine's Day 2008 I miscarried @ 16 weeks.

    I just grieve your Green Beans right along with you and I'm so sad that other moms have had to go through what we have had to go through.

    Your babies are beautiful, so perfect and so tiny. Would we be able to walk this road without Christ? I think not.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say Hi! If you want to visit my blog, I always love to meet new friends! You can find me @

  3. I can't believe I missed your giveaways! Happy blogger-versary Lauren :) Hope you're having a wonderful time on your trip... see you in the new year!


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    Over the past three years it has been flipped upside down. I am 31 years old, and married to my hubby of three years, Josh. We have 4 beautiful angel babies, who are fondly known as our “Green Beans”. The first of my quads, Heidi, held on as long as she could and was born on January 31, 2009 after pPROMing at 17 weeks. A few weeks later, I pPROM’d with my sweet Lily. Lily, Paige, and Rylan were all born at 22 weeks on February 23, 2009. Just after being released from the hospital empty handed, I returned with a high fever and infection. Two of the nights I spent in the hospital that week, I honestly thought I was going to die. It was the sickest and most hopeless I’ve ever been. I’m pretty sure my diagnosis was a broken heart.

    Our journey to becoming parents has had its share of happiness and heartbreaks. I got through every day by staying close to Josh, friends and family, blogging, and relying on God that my future will be bright. All the love and support I’ve gotten has greatly helped me manage……I am alive and well, and want to be my absolute best as a result of this.

    On May 1st 2011, we welcomed our sweet baby girl, Taylor, into this world. She is our miracle baby and brings so much joy and happiness in our lives. She is such a gift from God.

    I have come out of all of this with a better appreciation of life. I hope to make the best of this situation by helping others who will experience a similar loss.

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