November 12, 2009

leftovers again??

Tonight's dinner was so easy, delicious, and I had everything I needed for it in my fridge! Allison made a version of a frittata this last night, and it sparked my interest. I had heard the word "frittata" before, but never really knew that it was. Well, it turns out it's basically an omelet that you throw just about anything into. You cook the bottom of it on the stove for a few minutes, and then pop it in the oven to broil the top for a few more minutes.

I made my frittata out of the leftovers from last night's dinner - Meatballs with cream of mushroom soup and egg noodles (another easy and yummy recipe).
The ingredients to my frittata were:
3 eggs, scrambled
a splash of milk
chopped red onions
chopped parsley
chopped up leftover meatballs and egg noodles
mozzarella cheese
salt & pepper

The finished product!

I'm going to make this more often. I hate wasting leftovers, and this is a great way to use them up without feeling like you're having the same thing for dinner two nights in a row. Thanks for the great idea, AllyRD!

Happy (almost) Friday Everyone!
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  1. I knew this was right up your alley! So glad you enjoyed your frittata creation!

  2. It looks delicious! I don't like throwing leftovers away, either. What a great way to use them!

  3. I love this idea. Mike & I love quiche but a frittata seems so much easier to make! This is a great way to turn a small portion of leftovers into an entire meal!

  4. Left an award for you on my blog. :)

  5. Lauren,

    So sweet of you to post on my blog. Nan is an absolute blessing in my life and one of the bright spots in my journey.

    Your blog is beautiful and so are your angels. After much encouragement from Nan I ventured into blogger land and feel many arms around me already. Again, hugs for sharing and for being so thoughtful. I look forward to getting to know you :)


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