October 19, 2009

weekend highlights and lowlights

I know what you are probably thinking, and no, I didn't get my hair done this weekend. That would have been very appropriate because of the title of this post though!

We had a very busy weekend (again)! On Friday night, my friend had a big Girls Night Out party at her house. It was a great time hanging out and meeting new people. Josh even got to come to the Girls Night, but as one of the two bartenders! He did a great job keeping everyone's glass full though out the night! At one point that night, my clumsy-self knocked my phone off the counter. My poor phone dropped one too many times, and CRACK!

It's finally had it from all the use and abuse I do to it. Even though it still works, it's probably not going to for long. Guess I'm going to have to 'crack down' and buy a new one (no pun intended!). Needless to say, breaking my phone was one of the lowlights of the weekend.

A big highlight on the other hand was getting to babysit @Lilperno Saturday night!! Cameron was such a good boy. We played for a couple of hours, then he feel fast asleep right at his bed time!

On Sunday, Josh and I went to the Bucs game! My Dad won some tickets at his church and gave them to us, so that was a lot of fun! I don't really follow any sports, but I do like attending the games. We had great seats, but we were in the shade just about the whole game so we froze our butts off! The Bucs didn't win in the end, but we had a great time! Highlight!
Josh looking very festive here...
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  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend, Lauren! I'm looking forward to finding out what the filming at your church is all about. =)

  2. Bummer about your phone Lauren! But it sounds like the "girl's night party" and the Bucs game were fun! That was so nice of you and Josh to watch Cam, he is such a love and I know that Mike & Allison really appreciate it! At least your highlights outweighed your lowlights! I hope you have a great week!

  3. Yay for a girl's night but sorry you broke your phone! Booo!! I haven't been to a game for a long time!

  4. When you replace your i-phone you need to get an otterbox cover for it. I bought a black one at the at&t store, but I have seen several that people ordered from otterbox.com in some cute colors. It is bulky, but it makes the phone virtually indestructible. Two thumbs up!

  5. Could you mention what type of case you had on it in your next post? I would greatly appreciate it!! :)

  6. Your poor phone! I remember dropping my old phone in the toilet while I was cleaning. I was so bummed!

  7. Cam loved hanging out with you guys, he told us! Sorry about your phone, that would put me in a terrible mood!

  8. Thank you again for watching Cam so we could get out for a bit. You guys are the best & he loves you both!


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