October 13, 2009

happy anniversary!

Today is our 2nd wedding anniversary! I am so proud to be married to Josh and to have him by my side in life. Two years ago today, we were married on St. Pete Beach, with 10 of our closest family and friends. It was a nice low-key wedding. We kept it really simple. We all stood barefoot on the warm beach, while our good friend, Mike, married us!
"You may kiss the bride..."
My parents and us in front of the Don Cesar.
Immediately following the ceremony, 8 of us headed straight to the Port of Tampa to board a 5 day cruise! It was a great way to celebrate our wedding and to have an awesome vacation with friends!
Our ride to the Port of Tampa!

Here's the whole gang the last night of our cruise (plus our 2 favorite waiters!)
Good times!! I wish we could all do this again soon!

This year, we celebrated by going to dinner at Bern's! I've been craving a delicious steak from Berns for months, so it was great to finally go. We had a car pick us up and chauffeur us to dinner. That was a first for us! It made the night feel a little more special. During dinner, half the restaurant lost power for about an hour, so we made the best of it and dinned by candlelight! They were still able to serve us food and drinks during that time, so we were happy! It was a wonderful night. Great food and great company!

I love you, Babe! Happy Anniversary!
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  1. awww :) Such special memories to hold in your hearts forever! Happy Anniversary! Hugs, Nan xo

  2. OMG, Is that a Maternity Dress, top you are wearing!!! Happy Anniversary to an amazing couple!!

  3. Lauren, Happy Anniversary! You look absolutely beautiful and I am so glad it was a special occasion. Pop by and visit me Thursday won't you? xxxx

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! Mmmmm steak.

  5. Happy anniversary. Your wedding was beautiful and your evening out looks like a lot of fun. I hope you have a wonderful year! xx

  6. Happy Anniversary! Such a beautiful couple!

  7. What a wonderful anniversary celebration!

  8. What a perfect wedding and anniversary! Really happy you two had such a special evening! Mmmm... BERNS! Now, I've got the craving!

  9. Happy Anniversary! What a cute couple you make. ;-)

  10. so great! love the photos. our wedding was just as low key - only 12 people including Matty and me. We had a weekend at a B&B and just had the most amazing, low key, no stress time with it all. Hope you get another cruise soon!!! XO - Brooke

  11. We had such a blast on the cruise as we celebrated your marriage! I can't believe it's already been 2 years! Happy Anniversary!

  12. I was just about to say everything this Allison chick above me said...now I have nothing. <3


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