August 5, 2009

family fun!

The Hoffmann's drove their camper from Austin, TX to Florida for a visit this past week, and we all had the best time! We played at my parent's house, sat by the campfire, drove the golf cart many, many miles, had a sleepover at my house, went shopping with the girls, swam, and much more! I wish we could do this more often than once a year or so...

Avery enjoying her Lolo time :)

Claire and Avery celebrating their July Birthdays.

Me, Claire, and Hannah. They are getting so tall!

Neil watching a movie at the sleepover.

Ian playing with Hulk hands.

Seven looking exhausted after chasing the golf cart around.

Avery is a great dog walker! She knew just how to direct Seven around. Seven did whatever Avery told her to do!
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  1. It sounds like it was a really great time! It's always fun to do things with family! I know what you mean by wishing you could do it more.

  2. Yeah big family time is always great, it's just a nice warm feeling. Glad you guys had fun!

  3. Doesn't everybody do what Avery tells them to? Tonight she is sleeping in our room so she doesn't get up and eat breakfast. She lovingly called claire over to where she is sleeping (me thinking oh how sweet she wants to give her a hug) Could you get me a sippy cup was what came out. The princess reign has begun.

  4. This looks like a wonderful time! The pictures are great!


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