June 12, 2009

pool bath

I've wanted to participate in Kelly's Korner - Home Tours, but since we've been in the middle of moving for the past few weeks, I haven't had any rooms available to be photographed. This week, she's doing bathroom tours. It's fun to look at other people's rooms, to see different tastes and get decorating ideas.

This is my new "Pool Bath". We don't have a pool (maybe, one day), but that's what the builder calls this room. It's the one bathroom located on the first floor.

Please excuse the poor quality pictures. I took these with my iPhone because Josh keeps leaving our camera in his car! This door goes from the bathroom out to the the lanai. I've been meaning to frost the glass, or put up blinds or something for privacy. I will get to that soon!

In this corner of the pool bath, is the shower. Adding this shower to the bathroom was an option, but we thought it'd be useful for guests.

The vanity... very exciting! I had to take this at a weird angle, so I wouldn't be in the mirror reflection.
And lastly, a picture of the beautiful tile. This is the flooring for the entire downstairs living area. I love it! I used the colors in it as inspiration for the paint colors in the whole house.

I will show off the Master Bath another time. We are still working on putting up vanity lights, so when it's complete I will post pics.


  1. can't wait to see the whole house, stop on by to see our baths n then some.

  2. Just got your msg! Yeah! Another Florida girl!! We are in new port richey. Evan is at St. Joes
    So nice to meet ya!

  3. very nice! i especially like the paint color and tiles. maybe when we get all settled into our new house i'll participate too!

  4. I just came here to comment and noticed my best friend (evwmom) beat me to it!!! How funny! :) I have been following ur blog for awhile. Glad you are getting settled into the new house.

  5. I love the bathroom- it's great! Someday I will have a pool, too...but for now, a pool bathroom would suffice. ;-)



  6. Your pool bath is great. You will love having that shower in there someday when you build that "pool". I also love your paint color.


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