June 13, 2009

cable & closets

Thursday was another busy day at Casa Verde! So busy that I didn't even have time to post about it until now! Besides me doing demos and making phone calls while working from home, the cable guy and the custom closet guys were here installing! I normally wouldn't be all that excited about cable being installed, but we tried living without it (for the past week) here at the new house, and it sucked! Without cable we had about 5 clear stations. Plus, with the TV lineup changing for the summer season, I had no idea what was coming on without the trusty cable guide! I don't think of myself as a big TV watcher, but I do enjoy watching a few shows while relaxing in the evening. And I definitely enjoy my reality shows on E!, MTV, TLC, Discovery, etc.

Getting cable hooked up really isn't exciting at all when it's followed by CUSTOM CLOSETS!! Our new house has a huge master bedroom closet, but all it had in it was one wire rack for hanging clothes. What a huge waste of space! Josh spoiled me before at our last house with an awesome closet, so in the new house, we had to do it too!

Before, with the single-hung racks, we had about 14 feet of hanging space, no drawers, and no shoe storage. Now, our closet has double-hung rods that give us 27 feet of hanging space, 12 drawers, and room for 40+ pairs of shoes! There is also a tie rack, a belt rack for our belts and my scarfs, and a valet rod! We don't have to have any dressers in our bedroom; the closet holds it all!

Isn't it beautiful!?!

Today, we got the pleasure of babysitting Cameron, while his parents went to see a movie! He was such a good boy! He played, drank a bottle, and even did a poopie! Cameron, you are welcome back any time!!


  1. OH MY GOSH! I want that closet! AWESOME! Glad you're making lots of progress. Cameron's super cute and it sounds like you had fun babysitting!

  2. *DROOL* your closet is so awesome! could you do me a favor and call base housing? apparently they think tiny accordion closets are the only option. i can't wait until the day we can build our own home and customize everything the way we want.
    i don't consider myself really a couch potato, but there are definitely a few shows i make sure to catch. our dvr definitely comes in handy!
    and cameron is such a cutie! sounds like you guys had a great time.

  3. I LOVE the closet :-) I have closet envy!!

  4. Love the closet, I need to get mine organized and now I am determined! Don't know how you lived without cable, I don't watch too much TV but I need the guide.

  5. The closet looks amazing!!


  6. Nicely done, closet looks great.

    Agreed on cable w/ the guide, it's almost a necessity. HBO/Showtime/etc not so much but the guide w/ a DVR is an absolute MUST!

    Cameron had a great time hangin' with his Auntie LoLo and Unkie Josh, he just couldn't stop drooling about it! :)

  7. I hear ya about the cable, sister! I don't think I'd be able to survive without it! Oh, and thank you again for babysitting Cam! He told me he had the best time ever with you guys!

  8. I love when Cam poops! =) Closets look amazing!


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