May 29, 2009

week 2

jog blog 09
I have to admit - I didn't have a very productive week of working out and jogging.  I could list out all my excuses, but I won't waste your time.  I ran twice this week, so I fell short of my goal.  Tomorrow is a new day and I will make sure I do better next week!  We will still all have 3 more weeks to meet our monthly goals... How did you all do?  Any new successes?  Anyone discover a new workout routine that really works for their schedule?

I hope you have a great weekend! :)


  1. No, I am running around but not running:( I have a nieghbor now thats going to run with me every morning. Yeah for motivaters!!!

  2. Oh I suck this week! I didn't find the time to jog even once... but I have a set of "dance" workout dvds that i did 4 days this week and LOVE and I've FELT like I was making awesome progress...BUT sadly I've managed to GAIN 5 more pounds...and don't tell me it's muscle lol cuz I do NOT see 5 lbs worth of muscle anywhere! Hahaha my 4 yr old son was patting me on the back and said "your back feels hard mom" so i was like yay! hopefully lost some backfat! ...then he said "but your butt is still big and wiggly" ...bummer!

    Hope everyone else made better progress!


  3. I did horrible this week! :( I worked out one day...pitiful. Things were just too crazy this week. Somehow I have lost 2 pounds and I'm sure that's from having no time to eat!

  4. I started running for a stress reliever while taking care of my mom who was diagnosed with cancer on August 1st. I started out on a treadmill which was horredously boring, so when I knew I could leave her for 30 or 45 minutes, I hit the streets. Now that she is living with my husband and I, I kept up my vigilant routine of running daily. I usually run 4 miles a day sometimes more. Depends on whether I can get into a comfortable stride. lol Sometimes it's a struggle to go but I know once I put my shoes on and head out I will feel better in the end. So, I am proud to say I have logged in 20 miles so far this week. That's if you count from Monday.

    I've been a lurker for some time now and figured I would come out of the woodwork. I continue to keep you guys in my prayers!

  5. Well this week I didnt get much done other than we swam ALOT!!!!! My new treadmill is coming tomorrow and then it begins!!! Im hoping to get up every morning around 6 and do 30 mins on the treadmill and some exercises on Wii fit!

  6. I had a great time getting caught up on your blog, Lauren. Good luck with your exercise goals, it's awesome that you are motivating people. You're such and awesome person!!

  7. I have been soooo bad Lauren! I'm away next week on holiday and after that I'm getting into SERIOUS training for a 12km run mid August and I'm counting on you to get me through! Thanks for this idea xxxx

  8. I've done good. Down 5 pounds :)


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