May 21, 2009

week 1

jog blog 09

I'm so excited that I got some interest with my jogging idea!  I know a little friendly competition always helps motivate me... hence why I am in sales!  I've given this a lot of thought on how we can do this.  I thought about asking Josh to program something on our Green Family website, where you can log in and post your goals, and your daily or weekly activity, but that got kind of complicated.  So instead, just leave a comment on this post with your 1 month and 3 month fitness goals.  It can be anything.  If your goal is to lose 4 inches around your waist, then put that.  If you goal is to complete a marathon, put that.  You get the idea.  Next, also include in your comment how you are going to achieve your goal.  Like, jog 3 days a week, start Pilates, etc.  Then, weekly I will post my progress (eek, that's a lot of pressure), and you can post your progress on your blog or just comment on mine.  I'll label my weekly posts with my new "Jog Blog 09" header at the top.  Isn't that cute?  I had Josh make it for me.  I really need to learn Photoshop!  (Maybe that can be another goal on mine??) 

We'll publish our short term fitness goals, for all the blogger world to see. This way, everyone is accountable for their weekly progress.   How does that sound?


My Goals are:

1 month goal - Be able to run a 5k

3 month goal - Maintain my 5k run, and lose 5 pounds.

I plan to do this by running 4 days a week, going to Pilates once a week, while continuing to eating healthy.

Just to recap:

  • On the comments section of this post, list your 1 month and 3 month fitness goals.
  • Post how you are going to achieve your goal.
  • Then, comment each Friday to my Jog Blog post with your weekly activity and if you've met your goal.
jog blog 2009!
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  1. My Goals Are:

    1 Month - Lose 5 lbs by going to the gym 3 days per week. I plan on increasing my run distance each week.

    3 Month - Lose 13 lbs. Be able to run 3 miles with no walking.

  2. My goals are:

    1 month I want the baby rump down. hopefully it will go down by itself but with the help of walking with the kids and nursing.

    3 months working out and running and still nursing back into all my old pants with no muffin top.

  3. My goals are:

    1 month- decrease one pants size or 5 lbs and I will do this by start running, 15 minutes- 3 times a week AND 30 minute ab exercises 4 times a week

    3 months- back to pre-pregnancy weight which is loose 15 pounds from where I am now. I will do this by continuing the running and ab work outs. Do a 5K! I know it's a stretch but I can do it :)

  4. 1 month goal - go back down at least one pants size and i will do this by 5 days a week of this new workout dvd i bought and trying to run at least 3 days a week

    3 month goal - be able to run a 5k! i've walked three of them in the past month and couldn't run more than half a mile at a time without stopping to walk! I plan to accomplish this by continuing my workouts and running

    *I hope everyone meets their goals!!*

  5. 1 month goal~lose 5 lbs. keep up on eating right and exercise at least 3 days per week.

    3 month goal~lose 15 lbs. keep up on eating right and exercise at least 3 days per week.

    love this idea lauren!

  6. Month one: Loose 5 pounds and go to the gym at least 4 times a week (instead of the 3 I have been doing).

    3 month goal:
    Loose 20 pounds total.

    I am already down 30 so the 20 in 3 months is so possible. :)

    Oh and Lauren you should put the jog blog on your page for people link it back to. Like your green beans button.



  7. 1 Month~ Lose 5 pounds and 4 inches from my waist. I will do this by eating healthier, doing Pilates two days a week and the Shred three days a week. I will also run five days a week.

    3 Months~ Run a 5k without stopping. Any extra weight or inches I lose will just be a bonus!!

  8. 1 Month: Lose 5 pounds by lifting weights & doing abs 3 times per week & walking at least 2 miles 3 times per week.

    3 Month: Possibly resume my gym membership & go at least 3 times per week to up my workouts.

  9. Oh I can't wait to do this after the baby. I hope you are still doing it then! Or- I could start my own... nothing like making your goals public on the internet to hold you caaountable. :)

  10. Hi, My name is Rachel Crawford. I started a "Running the Race" blog to encourage others to train for a half-marathon. The idea stemmed from last year...I ran a half marathon after the death of my twin daughters as a way to nurture healing within myself. I loved it so I wanted to encourage others to joing in. Check out my site at and also you can read about my girls Aubrey and Ellie on my blog Waiting for Morning at

    My goals are:
    1 month: Run 10 miles without stopping
    3 months: run the half marathon faster than I did last year (my previous time was 2 hours 30 minutes).

    Here's to running!


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