February 8, 2009

Weekend Update

Well, I've made it to 20 weeks!  I don't want to celebrate that too much, because I still have a ways to go, and I desperately don't want anything else to happen.  I am feeling good, and getting plenty of rest.  As you can see, Josh is making sure I am fed every 3 hours or so.  Every time I step on my scale, it seems that I've gained another pound or two. This is what 22 pounds gained and a 40" waist looks like! :)   I'm doing this for you B, C, and D!  

I ask that you all continue to pray that we can all hang on for at least another month, and hopefully much longer than that!


  1. Holy cuteness! What a good job you're doing Mama!

  2. Other people's pregnancies always go by so much faster...I can't believe you're already twenty weeks! You look fabulous!

  3. You look AWESOME!!! I think about you often! I have a care package to send your way if your interested! :) Praying for you!

  4. I am praying that you will deliver around or after me (MAY)!!!!!!!!! You look so cute!

  5. You look wonderful! And congrats on making 20 weeks! We will pray vehemently for 10 more weeks!!!

    Traci's burrito friend

  6. Hi Lauren!
    I have been reading your family blogs for a few weeks and just wanted to say Hi.
    I am sorry you lost your sweet baby A. I know it must be a tough time for you all.
    I think it is a wonderful miracle your other three "greenbeans" are doing so well and look forward to checking each day to see how you are all doing.
    Best of luck and I hope the next 10 weeks are uneventful!

  7. What a cute picture! Keep up the good work.

  8. You look wonderful, congrats on the 20 weeks! I know you'll make it much, much longer.

  9. Glad to see you smiling, looking good! Hey if you need some size 40 dress pants, come on over and try mine on. Sure you'll look like a guy but they're silky smooth! :)

  10. Damn woman! How is it you are on bedrest and still look like a million bucks? Could your smiler be any brighter? All 5 of you are in our daily thoughts and prayers. Y&S.


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