February 17, 2009


This is what Food Service dropped off for my "10am snack". Two slices
of (fake) American Cheese...


  1. OOHHH Now thats High class Yummy!!!

  2. Just to add to the misery of being inverted now choke down to fake slices of cheese:) So sorry Lauren, I will pray for better snacks. I mean I know they want you to have healthy snacks, but a small cookie can't be much worse than yellow cellophane.

  3. ewwwww

    Want me to sneak you in a pizza?

  4. Mmmmm cheeseproduct. Funny I thought that was a manila folder at first glance :)

  5. I hate to say it, but I had to laugh at the angle of the picture. I am so sorry you have to lay inverted, but I guess it is laugh or cry right? I figure I am laughing with you :)

    Sorry about the fake cheese...do they not realize how many babies your trying to feed? Tell them to bring the whole cow next time. Then you can have some milk, make your own REAL cheese and have a T-bone afterward :)

    Hang in there sweetie - you are doing great.


  6. Well if that was all they were bringing they could have at least brought the fake cheese in a can :) At least it would have been more fun.
    And seriously did you laugh at them when they dropped it off?

  7. Lame. Even Weight Watchers lets me have better snacks! Mail me a wish list and I'll send you a care package. What snacks are the babies craving?

  8. ewww! Pregnant or not, I don't think "hospital packed cheese" would be high on my list! :(

    I hope you can have something good and tasty soon!

  9. Ugh...yucky! I'm so sorry! That stinks.

  10. hey ive been following your blog very closely . i live in orlando , if i lived closer i would bring you some beter snacks, hee hee . keep up the good work , your in my prays , that you will be able to make it to at least 28 weeks .

  11. gross! The milkshake and fries looked good on Josh's blog. :)

  12. was that for you or the dogs? I think I need to come down there :)


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