February 4, 2009

Doctor's Visit

I had an exhausting visit today at the doctor's office.  If you add up the time (and effort) it takes me to shower, and get dressed, then ride to the doctor's office (about 30 minutes without traffic), then all the actual time spent with the doctors and in ultrasound, then the ride home... it's a long time!  It's sad to say, but after that I am so ready for bed!

The results from today's visit were great!  Babies B, C, & D all look great, and are all measuring the same size.  Their fluids are all good too, so that is always nice to hear.  I don't show any signs of infection, and have not had any consistant contractions.  All good news!  Even tough everything is going good now, I still live on egg shells.  It's scary, and just want to be past 24 weeks by now.  

When Josh and I met with the High Risk Doctor, she asked what my definition of bed rest is.  I told her exactly what I am doing, and she was happy with that.  She said some people consider bed rest  as still trying to squeeze in preparing a dinner and a few loads of laundry in their day, and that is a big no-no for me.  The only thing I have been doing that I should stop is when visitors come by, I usually move to my Living Room recliner, and then after they leave I go back to bed.  The doctor would like me to stay in bed and reduce any unecessary movement.

If I can get Josh to scan in the ultrasound pics taken from today, I will post some.  I got more 3D images, and the babies look so cute!  I've heard that what they look like 3D in utero is very similar to what they look like when they are born.  If that's the case, I think they are all going to look a lot a like!


  1. I'm so happy B, C and D are doing well! Just think - February is a VERY fast month. March will be here in no time!

    Let me know if you need any reading material - I'd be happy to go book or magazine shopping for you!

  2. I am so happy for all the great news! It is going to be smooth sailing from here on out, you'll see. Keep up all the rest and I know those babies will make it way beyond 24 weeks.

  3. Hooray for B, C, and D! Looking forward to the pics.

  4. That's great news. I'm glad you're resting after your exciting day.

  5. I am very sorry to hear about Baby A. That is devastating. I hope the rest of the pregnance is uneventful and the other babies stay in as long as necessary and are healthy and happy when they are born. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I have been following your blog for a little while but am just now leaving a comment. I am Cortney from Mississippi.

  6. It was so wonderful spending time with you on Thursday! I love you guys so much and anything I can do to help makes me happy! Next visit will be with the Cammers, but he prepares a mean lunch, so you just wait, Lauren! I call him my sous chef!


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