February 7, 2009

3D pictures

OK, I finally got around to sorting all the ultrasound pics, and Josh scanned them in for me.  The 3D images can look find of scary, because the babies are still so skinny, but here they are!  I think they're cute :)


This last picture shows our girls, B & C, as they always are, laying together and playing.  I bet that they will be really close to each other.

Doctor Update - I went to the doctor's AGAIN yesterday for a cervical check and... My cervix is totally closed and 2.38 cm thick, with no funneling! All good news!


  1. Awesome, just awesome. Didn't you love watching them move around in 3D. You got some really good pics from it too!

  2. Lauren the are so cute! I love that they snuggle together! So sweet! Hang in there girlie!

  3. That is great I never got tired of seeing our kids on ultrasound. It was always comforting to see them. They look great.

  4. OMG! Those pictures are just amazing. I have only seen a 3D pic one other time. Thank you for taking the time to post them. BTW - this is Sherry not Yuri :-)

  5. beautiful pictures! still praying for 14 more wonderfully safe weeks for you guys!


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