January 26, 2009

Good Morning!

Well, I am 18 weeks today!  Still not anywhere close enough to having viable babies, but I am still making good progress.  Each day seems long, but overall the weeks come and go pretty quickly.  Like Josh mentioned on his blog this morning, he has left for work, so today is my first day alone in my room.  I will have some visitors this afternoon, and I plan to keep busy by attempting to start working again.  I am all set up to work remotely from my room, and I think it will be good for my mind. 

Breakfast was gross this morning, so I supplemented with 3 bowls of cereal and a banana!  I'm feeling good now that I have some food in me, so I am off to go take a shower and get ready for the day!


  1. Congrats on the 18 weeks. Enjoy your day. If you get bored give us a call on the house line. We are only doing school :)

  2. 18 weeks, yay...getting closer day by day. Good Luck today, I'll be thinking about ya!

  3. Baby B says she wants a snack.

    Becky K. from tbaMoM's

  4. Man I wish I was pregnant with quads so I had an excuse to eat 3 bowls of cereal. Sadly I'm just obese! Keep feedin' them chillin's!

  5. You are doing a great job Lauren. Keep eating, resting and throw a little work in to keep yourself busy (at least that is what I did). If you need anything, even just an ear to vent to, just send me an email and I will give you my cell phone number. Us quad mom's are rooting for you and your beautiful babies. Hang in there sweetie.


  6. Yeah on getting to 18weeks! I know the hospital is boring & the food sucks, but before long you will be waaayyy pass 24 weeks, marching on to 30 weeks! You are doing so awesome!
    Call or email me if you need anything! Take care,

  7. I wish we lived closer and I would come hang out with you. May the days go by really fast until all four of those babies are here safely!

  8. I hope you a have a great day of eating, showering, eating,
    sleeping,eating,receiving vistors,eating,blogging,eating and sleeping,
    just kidding about the eating!!

    Give us a call if you want anything.

  9. 18 weeks! You're doing great, Lauren. I'm praying for you and your babies~ I'm on the Sonlight forums and found you through Traci. :o) Hang in there through those yucky hospital breakfasts! (Yay for cereal, huh?)

  10. I've been thinking about you constantly...even though I haven't called, just know that!

    Love you,


    P.S. This'll probably show up as anonymous, only because I'm too lazy to sign up...you know me =)

  11. Hey, Lauren! Hope you had a good day and you were able to keep busy with work. You sleep well tonight! Romie sends her love to Mommy and Daddy! Love you guys!


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