December 24, 2008

true life

When we first learned about the quads, Josh sent a letter to TLC, MTV, and a few other networks, telling our story. We were hoping to get on TLC's a Baby Story or something like that. A week later, we were contacted by MTV True Life because they were getting ready to start filming a documentary titled, "I'm Having Multiples". How perfect, right? We both talked with the casting director and told her our story. MTV loved the idea, so they sent the casting director and camera man down to meet us and to do some initial filming. On Thursday, they came over to the house to interview us. They want to film all the major events that will be going on over the next 5 months, so they plan to temporally move to Tampa to film us and one other family. They will be a part of my baby shower, my next ultrasound, baby registry, and more! We think it's a great opportunity to have this time in our lives documented. It all depends on when the babies are born, but most likely the True Life will air in late May or in June 2009.
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  1. Woohoo! Green Bean TV!
    Amazing news. Darn it all now we will have to get more than basic cable :)

  2. Wow, that is so awesome!! I will have to tell all my peeps to watch it. =) I love that show.

  3. What an amazing story that will be. I can't wait to see how it unfolds! Also... you know that after people see this they will feel the need to donate to your family :) haha who would have thought that we would go from dancing our little hearts out all night long to typing on blogs about having FOUR babied :) Geez life has been fun :)


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    Over the past three years it has been flipped upside down. I am 31 years old, and married to my hubby of three years, Josh. We have 4 beautiful angel babies, who are fondly known as our “Green Beans”. The first of my quads, Heidi, held on as long as she could and was born on January 31, 2009 after pPROMing at 17 weeks. A few weeks later, I pPROM’d with my sweet Lily. Lily, Paige, and Rylan were all born at 22 weeks on February 23, 2009. Just after being released from the hospital empty handed, I returned with a high fever and infection. Two of the nights I spent in the hospital that week, I honestly thought I was going to die. It was the sickest and most hopeless I’ve ever been. I’m pretty sure my diagnosis was a broken heart.

    Our journey to becoming parents has had its share of happiness and heartbreaks. I got through every day by staying close to Josh, friends and family, blogging, and relying on God that my future will be bright. All the love and support I’ve gotten has greatly helped me manage……I am alive and well, and want to be my absolute best as a result of this.

    On May 1st 2011, we welcomed our sweet baby girl, Taylor, into this world. She is our miracle baby and brings so much joy and happiness in our lives. She is such a gift from God.

    I have come out of all of this with a better appreciation of life. I hope to make the best of this situation by helping others who will experience a similar loss.

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