November 21, 2011


Attention Everyone!!!


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November 18, 2011


Attention Everyone!!!


My blog is moving…

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October 12, 2011

More Mindless Mommy Babble

Hmmmm… What to blog about?? 
Oh, I know!
What ever did I blog about before this precious child entered my life??
Here are just some random things I’ve been meaning to blog about…
  • To get some more use out of Taylor’s newborn clothes, I started repurposing her NB dresses as tops.  A baby dress + baby jeans = an adorable little outfit!

It works out great because it’s been really hard for me to put away the clothes that she’s out grown already, so this way I don’t have to!  So many of those NB dresses were only worn once, if that!
  • Last week at Taylor’s school was “Favorite Sports Team Day”, so Daddy proudly dressed her as a little Bears fan.  I insisted on adding the bow so that people wouldn’t mistake her for a little boy that day. 

  • The bow that Taylor is wearing (above) is one of a few that I made.  I am not the crafty-bow-maker-type, but I did whip a few of these up for Taylor and the other little Bear’s fan babies that we know. 
  •  Taylor is one lucky girl to have lots of little friends and many more on the way!  We recently had a fun play date with Brooks.  He’s 1 month older than Taylor had it is so much fun watching them start to interact with each other!  Don’t they kind of look alike?
  • Yesterday after I picked Taylor up from school I took her for a long walk.  She got all comfy and fell asleep in this pose.  I just had to snap a picture.  It was too cute!
  • Having a baby girl is the absolute best because I can do things like this!
Who can resist those chubby little feet?

October 10, 2011

5 Months!

Miss Taylor is 5 months old already!  This really does go SO fast!   Every month that goes by she gets to be more and more fun!


These days Taylor enjoys playing in her excersaucer, sitting up in her Bumbo, and watching Baby Einstein.  Her favorite thing to play with are her feet.  She is the sweetest, easiest baby and she charms everyone she meets.  She is all giggles and smiles!

Taylor is mostly wearing 6 month clothes and size 2 diapers (although they are getting small).  She’s about 15 lbs. and counting.  She is still eating just formula, but by the end of this month we’ll start her on some cereal and baby foods. 

I swear she is starting to wave hello already!  We practice waving every time she comes and goes from school and recently I started noticing that she extends her arm out to wave when we meet people.  How cute is that?!?


Our mini photo shoot this morning didn’t go quite as smoothly as the month’s past.  Now that she’s drooling everywhere, her month sticker got all wet and she started pulling chucks of it off and trying to eat it.  We had to move quickly this morning before it became a disaster.  It was still fun though! :)


October 8, 2011

Pearlie Girl {hair decor}

Jen was nice enough to send me a few of her beautiful headbands for Taylor to try out.  Her designs are all beautiful and unique.  


Taylor enjoys wearing the headbands too! :-)  They are super stylish and comfy!  The bands are made of really soft stretchy elastic, so it will never bother your baby’s head. 


 2 3

Check out Jen’s Etsy page to see all the other designs she has to offer!  If you like her Facebook page you can get 20% off your order too!



September 20, 2011

I Heart Fall

I’m excited that Fall is right around the corner!  In Florida, we don’t really get a real Fall.  It’s more like a slightly cooler, slightly less humid summer, but still… it’s an excuse to break out some of my favorite Fall fashions!

A few of my favs are…




Scarves are the best!  I miss wear scarves during the summer.  Even the light airy ones are just too darn hot for the Florida summer.  Once October hits, I don’t care what the temp outside it – it’s time to wear scarves!   I love adding a fun scarf to a basic outfit.  Its a great way to dress up a plain t-shirt and add a splash of color.



I just bought these gray suede boots and can’t wait to wear them.  Right when the weather finally dips below 80 degrees I will be wearing these!  They are going to look fabulous with some skinny jeans or leggings.

Baby Hats!

All Taylor knows is the hot summer days, but soon enough, I’ll get to torture her with these cute crochet baby hats!  Who can resist a baby in one of these?


Happy (almost) Fall!



September 13, 2011

4 Months!

Taylor, you are 4 GLORIOUS months old! 

You are soooo much fun to be with.  I’d do everything with you if I had my way.  You are my little buddy and love every minute I spend with you.IMG_4093-1

You are so happy and sweet!  You bring a smile and an “awwwee” to everyone you meet.  You are my reminder every day that miracles DO happen!11

I like to look back and remember what life was like when Taylor was 4 months old, so here is what she’s been up to lately…

Taylor sleeps about 11 hours each night.  She’s now graduated from a swaddler to a sleep sack and loves to sleep with her arms up by her head.  We sing a song or two before bed and usually read a book.  Her favorite is Snuggle Puppy.

Taylor loves school.  Her teachers adore her and she is thriving there.  I feel happy to drop her off there because I know she is getting great care.  My favorite part of each day is picking her up and knowing she’s all mine!  I just want to eat her up! 

She is losing all of her dark hair and it’s coming back in kind of strawberry blonde.  She’s literally changing before my eyes!  Taylor loves to talk and blow bubbles.  She is super strong too and stands up while we hold her and loves to hold her own head up, like a big girl.  She’s also starting to cut a few teeth! 


4 Month Stats

Height: 25 inches -  60th percentile (up from 52nd percentile at 2 months)

Weight: 13lbs. 1 oz. – 25th percentile (I was shocked at this.  I thought for sure all those chucks would weigh more than that!)

Head circumference: 16 inches – 43rd percentile (down from 78th percentile at 2 months – Her body is catching up with her head! :) )


The months are just flying by and she just keeps getting better and better!  Our little mini-photo shoots that I do with her are so much fun.  She just poses and smiles and I just snap away!


Love, love, love this picture of her!  I need to get it framed.


Until next month!


September 12, 2011

Technical Difficulties

Hi Bloggies  -

You may have noticed a temporary disruption to my blog and also to the images on my blog.  I’m aware of the problem and things should be resolved by later this afternoon. 

Please check back later – I’ll be posting Tay’s 4 month update soon! :)


September 4, 2011

Taylor’s Dedication


This past Sunday, Taylor was dedicated at church.  I got Taylor all dolled up for the occasion.  She wore tights and shoes for the first time!  That bib had to stay on until she got through the actual dedication.  I sure a major spit up or blow out would happen before everyone could see her in her pretty dress.


At our church we dedicate children instead of baptizing them.  We dedicate them to a life of knowing and following Jesus.  Once they are old enough to make their own decisions, they can chose to get baptized when they are ready. 

Our pastor did an awesome job of incorporating our Green Beans into the service.  It was so meaningful to us.  We released four balloons in their memory.  I don’t think there was a dry eye in the congregation.  I know I was trying hard to fight back the tears.  I never take for granted our little miracle baby that we now have in our arms.

    IMG_3745-1   IMG_3744-1

After church, we all headed over to our house for a party!  I had quite the spread prepared for our guests, complete with The Pioneer Woman’s Sangria (dangerous!), and her Corn Salad which was de-lish!  To keep things simple, we ordered a bunch of sandwiches from Publix too.  I decorated the house with pink flowers and pictures of Tay…

IMG_3699          IMG_3700

I also finally got around to framing a bunch of her newborn prints.  I completed our “family” wall and put her picture next to the Green Bean’s shadow boxes that I made.


Anyway… back to the party! 

Here I am with my girlie friends.  IMG_3787-1

Kelly & Allison are both expecting GIRLS in a couple months!    Taylor is going to have lots of little girlfriends to play with soon.  I can’t wait!


We so enjoyed having everyone there to celebrate Taylor’s special day!  These were great memories that I look forward to sharing with Baby Tay.

IMG_3868 IMG_3772-1




August 31, 2011

My Anxiety Bag

For the past 8 weeks or so, I’ve been meeting with a group of wonderful girls and we are reading Calm My Anxious Heart together.  This book is awesome!  If you have ever stressed over something, dealt with anxiety, or have felt overwhelmed… this book is for YOU!  Every woman can totally benefit from it. 

calm my anxious

Cheryl, hosts the book study at her house each week.  We’ve all taken turns bringing dinner, so we eat, chat about our week, and review a chapter together.  In addition to hosting our book study, Cheryl also has a little craft for us to do or a verse for us to take home to help us remember what we’ve learned from the book.  There are questions for each chapter, so you can really take what you’ve read and apply it to your life.  Its a nice change of pace from the rest of my week. 

This past week, the chapter was about worry.  Who doesn’t worry?!?  We all have this in common – especially us moms and wives.  Worry is our middle name.  We talked about ways to give our worries to God.  One suggestion from the book is with an “anxiety bag”.  You simply write your worries down on a piece of paper and drop them in the bag.  We decorated our own anxiety bags to take home as reminders not to hang on to our worries – and to give them to God. 

I wasn’t feeling very crafty the night we decorated these, but my bag has meaning.  I wrote sayings and verses on mine to help remind me to let go of my worries…


“Life is like a rocking chair, it will give you something to do but it won’t get you anywhere.”

“The beginning of anxiety is the end of faith.  The beginning of true faith is the end of anxiety.”

“… don’t be anxious about anything”

“Give all of your anxieties to God…”

“Pray, plan, and prepare for tomorrow…”

“Through prayer and petition with thanksgiving, tell your requests to God.”

1 Peter 5:6-7

Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.  Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

That’s all we can do, right?  We never gain anything by worrying.  It is amazing to me how all the messages from this book come just at the right time for you to really apply them to your life in some way. 

How have you been able to give up your anxieties and worries?


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    Over the past three years it has been flipped upside down. I am 31 years old, and married to my hubby of three years, Josh. We have 4 beautiful angel babies, who are fondly known as our “Green Beans”. The first of my quads, Heidi, held on as long as she could and was born on January 31, 2009 after pPROMing at 17 weeks. A few weeks later, I pPROM’d with my sweet Lily. Lily, Paige, and Rylan were all born at 22 weeks on February 23, 2009. Just after being released from the hospital empty handed, I returned with a high fever and infection. Two of the nights I spent in the hospital that week, I honestly thought I was going to die. It was the sickest and most hopeless I’ve ever been. I’m pretty sure my diagnosis was a broken heart.

    Our journey to becoming parents has had its share of happiness and heartbreaks. I got through every day by staying close to Josh, friends and family, blogging, and relying on God that my future will be bright. All the love and support I’ve gotten has greatly helped me manage……I am alive and well, and want to be my absolute best as a result of this.

    On May 1st 2011, we welcomed our sweet baby girl, Taylor, into this world. She is our miracle baby and brings so much joy and happiness in our lives. She is such a gift from God.

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